OSU Football Aftermath From VT, Using Numbers And Years

Before going too in-depth about the challenges facing Ohio State football, I believe the proper thing to do is to compliment Virginia Tech and Coach Frank Beamer for its outstanding performance versus the Buckeyes on Saturday night in Ohio Stadium. Virginia Tech outplayed, and outcoached, Ohio State in its 35-21 victory. Congratulations to the Hokies – the 2015 game will be something to look forward to next Labor Day weekend.

A big thanks to my cousin John who hosted me, my sister Sue, and my brother-in-law Kevin. As always, it was great hanging out with Todd, Stef, Roger, Denny, and all of the traditional Ohio State fanatics at Todd’s tailgate.

How bad was it? Well…

A quote from ohiostatebuckeyes.com may help to put it into perspective…

“The loss to Virginia Tech was the first by Ohio State in an Ohio Stadium home opener in 36 years, or since Penn State defeated Woody Hayes’ 1978 Ohio State team with freshman quarterback Art Schlichter starting, 19-0. The loss was also the first to an unranked non-conference team in 33 years, or since Florida State defeated Ohio State, 36-27, in 1981.”

Here are some other numbers to contemplate…

– Worst home loss by point differential since 1999: Illinois 46, Ohio State 20, under Coach Cooper. While Coach Tressel had home losses, the worst home loss of his tenure by point differential took place in 2001, with the Steve Bellisari suspension resulting in another loss to Illinois, 34-22.

– Virginia Tech was 7/10 on third down conversions against Ohio State in the first half.

– Quarterback J.T. Barrett was sacked seven times by Virginia Tech.

– And in its last four games played, Ohio State is 1-3. As NFL Hall of Fame Coach Bill Parcells stated, “You are what your record says you are.”.

I could keep going, but I think you get the point. This was one of those games that my Dad used to say, “They really stunk up the joint.”.

I realize Ohio State fans are circling the wagons, as well they should. Now is the time for Ohio State’s coaches, players, and fans to rally behind Coach Meyer, and focus upon getting this team straightened out. This was a total team loss across the board, in every aspect. All of the coaches and players are pulling together to get this fixed.

Another thing my Dad used to tell me when I was growing up – “Anybody can cheer for a team when they are winning. The true test of a fan is to cheer when things are not going so well.”.

A loss like this hurts, and stings, but here is where the team can truly come together and grow for the remainder of the season. Kent State is coming into Ohio Stadium, with former Buckeye Najee Murray and former Ohio State assistant coach/current Kent State head coach Paul Haynes. Now is the time for Ohio State to rise from this defeat, and move forward as a team.

Or, as Coach Hayes used to say…

“There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you…”

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