MotSaG B1G Power Poll Week 2

What a weekend of Big Ten football, Black Saturday,losses for the “top” teams and unnecessary close games for many others. There is a huge shake up in this weeks Power Poll and I am betting that TTUN fans won’t be hitting me up on twitter this week calling me a homer.

1. Maryland -(+5) This was a toss up between Rutgers and the Terps but seeing Washington State lose to Nevada is the main reason I jumped Maryland to Number 1.

2. Rutgers -(+1) Weird that the two new additions to the big Ten are number 1 and 2 right now in my poll, these two could be 1a or 1b.

3. Minnesota -(+5) While Minnesota starts off strong they seem to make it kind of close down the stretch in the fourth quarters.

4. Penn State -(same) With their 21-7 win over Akron I kept James Franklin’s team in the same spot as last week

5. Illinois – (+6) Playing the Western Kentucky close or from behind most of the game in the second half the Fighting Illini figured out a way to win by 8

6. Nebraska – (-1) Bo Pelini sacrificed one of his cats lives to beat McNeese State with 20 seconds left thanks to Ameer Abdullah I won’t got down and won’t quit running.

7. Iowa– (+5) Despite the Hawkeyes playing down to their competition again they get to move up by being undefeated barely beating Ball State 17-14

8. Indiana – (+2) Being idle mean no loss helps the Hoosiers move up and stay undefeated go cut down the nets Tom.

9. Michigan State – (-8) The first of the one loss teams, getting beat by Oregon on the road and it looked like they had it until it fell apart in the second half

10 Wisconsin – (+2) After losing week 1 to LSU they bounced back with a win not on the legs of Gordon but the arm of McEvoy

11. Ohio State– (-9) Getting beat at home by an unranked Virginia Tech team hurt, but hey the Buckeyes got into the endzone

12. Michigan– (-5) Shutout by the Golden Domers 37-0 sorry nothing else needs to be said

13. Purdue– (-4) Got crushed by a MAC team Central Michigan 38-17 if they played a better opponent and lost they would be higher

14. Northwestern– (same) Only team without a win this season so far.

I enjoy the interaction and feedback on my polls so I can’t wait to hear about this weeks.


  1. But Michigan is winning out and meeting in a rematch in the playoffs with Notre Dame. Dave Brandon said it himself! Haha!

    In all seriousness, it’s hard to believe Rutgers and Maryland look like the two best teams in the conference right now. That’s scary.

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