Buckeye Fans Root for the State of Michigan

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The perception of the Big Ten is down and many believe that the Big Ten winner may get left out in the first FBS College Playoff. While obviously there is no reason for anyone to like that horrible place up north, Buckeye Nation may want to change their mind for at least a week.

Many argue that Ohio State plays no one out of conference, go check out Florida State or Alabama’s non-conference schedule and tell me it is better, the Buckeyes do need the rest of the Big Ten to step up. With Wisconsin blowing a fourth quarter lead and losing to LSU, this week is the most important week for the Big Ten. As Buckeye fans we watch and follow the Big Ten pretty carefully and we all know that the Big Ten is not as bad as people make it out to be, but when you have Illinois struggle against Youngstown State it causes a problem.

As painful as it is to say this, the Big Ten goes as the state of Michigan goes. Michigan State and Michigan are as important to the Big Ten, as Alabama and Auburn are to the SEC. Those two schools, Alabama and Auburn, won four national championships for the SEC. Take those championships away and the SEC only has three national championships during their dominance during the BCS era. If Michigan State and Michigan are able to look like contenders this helps the Buckeyes out tremendously.

For years all we ever is hear is how great Oregon is, how fast they are, and all the great numbers that offense puts up. Quick question for Oregon supporters, how many national championships has that won them? The answer would be Oregon has won as many national championships during the BCS era as Minnesota, Indiana, Purdue, and Illinois. The one team Oregon has struggled with is Stanford, who not only plays the same style as Michigan State but also who Michigan beat in the Rose Bowl just this past year. Yet all we have heard this offseason is how Oregon is a legit playoff contender, they should go undefeated, and how Mariota is the Heisman front runner and a high first round pick in the 2015 NFL draft. Mariota has struggled against teams who do two things. One is when teams play keep away and the other is teams who play physical defense. I bring up all these facts up because I do not want Buckeye fans to feel like Oregon is some juggernaut and that the Spartans have no chance because the Spartans have a great chance. If Michigan State, wins this week and is higher in the polls when Ohio State goes up to East Lansing then that win will look a whole lot better. So with the best interest of Ohio State, GO SPARTY!

While I hate Michigan, I actually root for them every single game, except when they play THE Ohio State University of course. Just hear me out before you burn me at the stake. In 2006 when Ohio State played Michigan and both teams were one and two in the polls. How great was that experience to whoop on your biggest rival and to also beat the second best team in the country? I mean imagine playing an undefeated Michigan the last game of the year, both teams playing to go into the conference championship and as Buckeyes we get to deny them that opportunity. Now I do not sound so crazy to most of you I am sure. While I love to see Ohio State be the best team in the conference, the Big Ten needs Michigan back to prominence. Playing Notre Dame is a must win for Michigan. One reason they need to win is because your biggest win of the year should not be how you got revenge against a FCS opponent. Secondly Brady Choke’s job depends on it, by the way Brady it is OHIO STATE not Ohio. Thirdly the Big Ten needs it. While winning the Big Ten is the goal for every team in this conference, to the country winning the Big Ten is a joke. Michigan has to be better and seems to be getting there. I am very happy Everett Golsten, Notre Dame’s starting quarterback, came back strong in his first game because now there is no room for excuses for Notre Dame when they lose at home. Michigan can win this game and hopefully by a good margin. There is a lot to play for from Michigan outside of what I just listed before. Think about this Michigan fans. Notre Dame is ending this historic series with you because they are pretty much joining the ACC, but while talking about ending the series they schedule a home and home with Ohio State. Could there be a bigger smack in the face? There is tons of motivation for this Michigan team and they should play inspired football. Buckeye Nation we need to put aside a rivalry that we have dominated the past decade and look at the bigger picture. Go Blue!

An Ohio State future unfortunately rests in the hands of that place up north. With the unknown of how the committee votes, it is too hard to tell if Ohio State going undefeated gives them an automatic bid to the playoff. If the strength of schedule is a huge factor, I would not be surprised if Ohio State is ignored. That is why Ohio State fans must root for Michigan State and Michigan. So the state of Michigan I say to you “Just win baby, win”.


  1. Dublin Observer says

    Your article contains pure logic that never has been and never will be accepted by buckeye fans. Vast majority would cut off their nose to spite their face, just as long as Michigan loses every game the buckeyes get another pair of gold pants. Could never sell this logic to my big10 friends, or the fact that a conference championship game was needed. Ask any attendee of the Gator or LSU games. What annoyed them most was the deafening roar of the chant –SEC. Very little conference pride in Columbus. And the conference needs it.

  2. The B1G being “down” isn’t just a perception. The last two weeks and especially this week have proven that the B1G is not a national player. Line up for your Irrelevant Bowl tickets.

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