MotSaG B1G Power Poll Week 1

I have blackmailed and stolen the weekly MotSaG Power Poll from our good man Jeremiah. The only reason is to take some off of his plate until everyone protests my unorthodox views and the way I do my rankings. I take into account road vs home game, type of conference, and obviously win loss. Margin of win is a small sliver of my factor and I do not conform to the norm like the four letter networks, Big Ten Network, etc.

1. Michigan State – They get the top billing since they are the reigning B1G Champs and they didn’t do anything to hurt that look this week even finding some offensive firepower. Didn’t hurt them that Jacksonville State kept leaving MSU receivers wide open.

2. Ohio State – Contrary to what some like the four letter network were saying about OSU scrapping by to get a win, the game was a tale of two half’s. The first half was a young team finding itself making some mistakes while the second was a young team that made the proper adjustments and players stepped up for a solid win over a very good team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Navy doesn’t run the table the rest of the season and you see them ranked soon. They have more talent and athleticism than most are giving them credit for.

3. Rutgers – Here’s a shocker but the Scarlet Knights went out to the West Coast and beat a PAC-10 Washington State. I know WSU wasn’t a top PAC-10 team but still Rutgers looked strong and fast in this game and I felt they deserved the 3rd spot.

4. Penn State – Like I stated I consider road games vs home games and they came from behind in another country.

5. Nebraska – This game probably should have been even worse if the Cornhuskers didn’t commit so many penalties.

6. Maryland – Like I said margin of victory plays a small role and numbers 5, 6 ,7 are just based on that

7. Michigan – Congratulations you finally got revenge on beating Appalachian State but your still never going to live the 2007 debacle down.

8. Minnesota – They were close to a shut-out when I was watching and turned to Rutgers game so not sure if back ups gave up all the points in final 8 minutes.

9. Purdue – They beat a MAC team that’s a big deal right now for Purdue.

10. Indiana – Only beat Indiana St by 18 and don’t have them finishing that good in the East of the B1G to begin with

11. Illinois – Squeaked by the sweater vest run Youngstown State and also don’t have them finishing to high in the West of the B1G to begin with.

12. Iowa – Very disappointed they only won by 8 to Northern Iowa, supposedly a top 3 team in the West should have easily trounced the Panthers but Kirk Ferentz teams like to play down to their competition.

13. Wisconsin – The first strike was they lost but that’s not the reason they took the second to last spot for me it was the coaching staff. You don’t play to not lose to a SEC team when your up have you not learned anything from Tresssel? Where was Gordon late in the game? The coaching staff and the inconsistency of QB McEvoy cost the Badgers a win that they had in the bag.

14. Northwestern – What can I say about the Wildcats? It’s going to be a long year after losing your best running back and wide receiver.

Let me know what your thoughts and where you would rank the teams after this first week.


  1. Ouch @ Wisky! I know they lost, but man that’s harsh. That loss seems like it was completely avoidable, too. The coaching decisions in the second half were baffling, to say the least.

  2. The controversy! Haha! I agree with these rankings. Wisky deserved to be ranked low after their stupidity against LSU. Northwestern and Purdue will be fighting for the bottom all season long.

  3. Wisky deserved t be punished for their stupidity and for Anderson to not know why Gordon was on the sideline not playing after already having 140 yards totally inexcusable. If OSU did this I would be just as harsh on them. I’m sure this week will se a lot of movement hehehe

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