MotSaG Live Podcast Is Now on iTunes

After trying several methods, MotSaG Live’s episodes are now going to be on iTunes. So if you are unable to catch us live or you want to listen to us on the go, you can subscribe to us on iTunes. The first episode is already on iTunes and the second episode will be up in the next couple of days. Our iTunes pages can be found by typing “MotSaG Live” into the search box or you can go to it by visiting this link: MotSaG Live

One note about the podcast: It’s marked explicit on iTunes. We are not actually explicit and pride ourselves on being family friendly. The reason it’s marked explicit is because this allows episodes to be available sooner to you the subscriber. It doesn’t have to be processed by iTunes for dirty language this way. But I just wanted to assure everyone we are not explicit.

Hope everyone enjoys it and go Buckeyes!

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