Craig Krenzel Accused Of Assault? (Per Report)

This just came in from 10TV news…

Controversy is brewing over a youth football game that left one dad calling police. The man he wants charged: former Ohio State star quarterback Craig Krenzel.

There are two very different stories as to what happened during a recent peewee football game in Dublin. But what one dad believes what he saw from the sidelines left him filling out a police report.

10TV spoke with Bruce Wolfe, the father an 8-year-old boy who was on the field. He says he was watching the Monday night youth football game that Krenzel helped to coach. Wolfe’s son and Krenzel’s son were involved in an aggressive block and at some point during the play, Krenzel’s son’s helmet came off.

Krenzel reportedly rushed onto the field to pull the two boys apart. Wolfe alleges Krenzel grabbed his son by the shoulder pads and yelled at him.

Wolfe then filed a police report over the incident.

However, no charges have been filed against Krenzel.

Sounds like much ado about nothing IMO…


  1. “Dad” is an idiot, somebody should explain to him that if he can’t take the heat, he should get out of the kitchen! (stay home) Ohhh, somebody touched my babies should pads and spoke to him. ASSULT!! I say ASSAULT!! Jail the monster! String him up too! ROFLMAO

  2. Mr Wolfe probably played flute in the band. We file police reports when I coach separates players? What a pussy.

  3. Things I thought I would never say… Thanks Harry & Dickie for stopping by our site and commenting.

    I agree with both of you based on whats being reported this seems like a huge over reactment.

    As a father though and not having seen a video of the incident if it was over the line not sure how I would react.

  4. Your coach won a national title for tOSU. He should free reign amongst the other moms of the league

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