How The Braxton Miller Injury Got Blown Way Out Of Proportion

The way local and national media cover college football stories are completely different; the passion local fandoms and reporters have for their team can turn something as small as a bruise into a possible loss of limb. On Monday afternoon, as news started to leak about Braxton Miller leaving practice holding his shoulder, it began as a simple let’s wait and see, only to turn into a possible career-ending injury.

If you’re looking at facts alone, the Braxton Miller situation is not as season threatening as some Buckeye fans may lead you to believe. Braxton Miller was not involved in any type of contact prior to the injury and the medical staff scheduled his MRI for 24 hours after the injury with a facility to do so less than 5 minutes away from the practice field . Miller simply made a pass and then grabbed his shoulder; this could be a strain, a pull, or something that can be fixed with 1 or 2 physical therapy sessions; the point is, no one knows yet.

People are only looking at the worst case scenario and overlooking the fact that shoulder injuries are hard for anyone (athlete or not) and it’s possible that it was just sore. Even if the worst case scenario were to come true, do people really think that Urban Meyer would forego having a competent and prepared back-up quarterback ready to take the field?

Urban Meyer is one of the winningest and respected coaches in the league, and to think the season is over just because Kenny Guiton is no longer an option, and the others haven’t had much playing time, is a waste of time and energy. When Ohio State lost Terrelle Pryor (unexpectedly) after “tattoo-gate” the team was in a similar situation and it worked out just fine.

Is the relationship between the media and fans merely a lengthy game of telephone, or does the media like using attention grabbing adjectives simply to attract viewers? Lately, as sports related news has become more salacious and less about the actual work on the field, stories that would’ve easily been over looked have been covered for 12 hours a day on some networks.

The sky isn’t falling, and in just a few hours Ohio State will do a press conference and give everyone the updates they are impatiently waiting for.


  1. So many great points here. When someone gets injured, you take ALL the necessary steps and precautions — i.e. putting the dude’s arm in a sling. That could be because it’s really messed up or because we don’t want to risk anything else happening. But hey, let’s take a few snippets of what we know and throw the whole season in the garbage.

  2. Braxton Miller’s last pass in a Buckeye football game was career attempt number 666. That pass, was not only a game ending interception…but could very well be his last throw in his great Buckeye career.


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