3 Things That Need to Change for Ohio State to win the National Title (Guest Post)

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Ok! Ok we get it. Ohio State will be one of the top ten teams in the country to start the 2014 season. That’s been the case every year, almost. Using the preseason coaches poll, the Buckeyes have been ranked a top ten team 10 out of 13 times since their last national championship. Though this means absolute zilch, it does at least show that the 85 scholarship palyers (most years) and the 20 “try hards” that make up this team every year are within striking distance of “it”. “It” being that tasty treat that has been usurped by our southern enemies every year since 2004. How do they get over the hump in 2014? Every year the fans and media stick to the same plan to success:

1. “This star player (Braxton Miller) needs to stay healthy or this team is done for.”
2. “These new starters on this unit (2014 offensive line) need to live up to their predecessors.”
3. “This position group needs to improve greatly from the previous year. (2014 linebackers).”

While all of these numbered points are true; they are basically said every year with only the names changing.

Remember how we could ill afford to lose Tommy Pryor to injury in 2010?
Or how nervous we were when Jimmy Laringitus and Malcolm Jenkus were set to take over the 2006 defense?
How about how we hoped Rick Mangold could fill Alex Stephanopoulos’s shoes at center?

Ok, the names maybe blurry but the formula is the same. Let’s ignore the obvious. Here are three less talked about things that need to happen for the Buckeyes to win back the crown in 2014:

1. Get Dontre Wilson the daggum ball!

51cEDBo+yvLBeanie-babiesThe year was 1992 and all I wanted for Christmas was a Talkboy. I desperately needed it. Next Christmas that talkboy had been in a box in the basement for months and the only thing I wanted to get my ugly little hands on were Beanie Babies- all the beanie babies. When it comes to college football fans- Sophomore Dontre Wilson is that talkboy and freshmen Curtis Samuel, Noah Brown and Johnnie Dixon are those beanie babies. Around this time last year everybody was talking about that Wilson kid- and for good reason. He was just the kick in the can a less than explosive offense needed. Looking back to the 2013 year, he had a solid season average wise. He averaged over 8 yards a carry and almost 9 yards a catch. For some reason he was not used as much as these numbers indicate. In fact, in the four closest Big Ten games (MSU, UM, NW, UW) Wilson had a combined four carries. The Ohio State offense played well in three of those four games, but why was Dontre not used in close games? Whatever it is, it can’t happen this season. Braxton Miller was a beaten man by the end of last year and there is no Carlos Hyde in the backfield.
Coach Urban Meyer hinted that Dontre’s 2013 snaps were limited because of pass blocking. It doesn’t matter, with the loss of Philly Brown and Carlos Hyde a big play threat needs to emerge. I think that threat is sitting in a box right now being ignored. While the brand new gifts under the tree are getting all the attention.

2. Bump Up


One of my friends growing up is now a defensive assistant for a MAC program. He was able to watch the Clemson game with me. Play after play seemed to be a bubble screen to the slot receiver or h back for the Tigers. Ohio State would be in zone and the defensive backs would be standing back in Sarasota. 8-10 yards were achieved without any effort; Clemson didn’t need to adjust. Yes Clemson had a few deep bombs mixed in. Those worked as well. At least twenty times I hollered in my beer induced frustration, “Nick, Why are they playing so far back and giving them 8 yards a play?!!!” He had no answer. This went on all game and I kept asking my knowledgeable friend the same question (I do tend to stay on loop when drinking). He finally just said, “Ryan, I don’t know. This is the dumbest gameplan I have ever seen!” “Now shut up and quit asking me the same question!”

This was not just a Clemson issue. Michigan had similar success- a lifeless Michigan team. Ohio State must use their athletes to challenge opposing backs and receivers. If nothing else it will at least put the ball back in Braxton’s hands in ten seconds instead of ten minutes. With a new defensive coordinator and a bunch of young freaks ready to step up, this approach has to be implemented day one. Of course bump and run can’t be called every play, but if a more aggressive approach is not used in 2014 the Buckeyes maybe playing my rude friend in Detroit next bowl season.

3. Kill Sparty


The next part of Ohio States to-do list is simple-beat Michigan State. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Ok it’s going to be really hard. It looks as the season will come down to that November 8th night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible that Ohio State stumbles in another game. However, a loss to Sparty in November would end all hope. I find it hard to see where Michigan State will lose two other Big ten games. No big ten title = no national title. One would think Ohio State will be heavily favored against any team from the West for the game in Indy if they get there.

So there it is. Other than the usual factors, Ohio State has to have these three things happen to have a shot at “it”. The last step is very obvious. Win the whole damn thing.


  1. Great insight, and not the usual clap trap we usually get in the pre-season. Well done.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes. Do those 3 things and do them well, and we will be at least playing for that trophy, if not hoisting it over Urban’s head come January.

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