Desmond Fitzpatrick Recaps Friday Night Lights Visit.

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Michigan is loaded with talent in the 2016 class and one of the best from the state up North is wide receiver Desmond Fitzpatrick.  Fitzpatrick already has offers from top flight programs such as Wake Forest, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.  Although he does not have an offer from Ohio State, he has been in contact with them and they keep telling him that they want his game film from the first three games for next season.  He has a strong interest in Ohio State and one of the main reasons for that is his relationship with Coach Coombs.

“One of the biggest reasons I like Ohio State is because of Coach Coombs,” Fitzpatrick said of why he likes Ohio State.  “I met him in 9th grade and he told me that Ohio State was going to recruit me heavily.  He is so fierce about the game and he is just an overall good guy.  Another reason I like Ohio State is because of their tradition.  Being from Michigan I know a lot about the rivalry and how they call Michigan “That Team up North” and Michigan calls them Ohio.  I always found that stuff exciting.  They have a very strong tradition.” Fitzpatrick likes a lot about Ohio State and like most Michigan recruits, Coach Coombs is playing a big role in that.

Fitzpatrick got to attend Friday Night Lights also and it gave him a chance to be around the overall atmosphere of Ohio State.  He was very impressed with the camp and loved getting coached by the coaches.  “The camp was exciting and the guest speakers were really cool,” Fitzpatrick said of the camp.  “The guest speakers talked to us about the rivalry with Michigan so that was neat.  I also loved getting coached by Zach Smith.  A knee injury made me sit out some reps, but it was awesome getting coached by him.”  Unfortunately, Fitzpatrick did not get to check out the new waterfall and barbershop, but maybe that can happen on the return visit.

With interest from some of the top programs in the Midwest like Notre Dame, Michigan, and Ohio State, Fitzpatrick knows that he does not have to travel very far to play at some of the better programs in the nation.  I asked him about that and he told me it would be nice to play somewhere close but he is open to anything.  He wants to go to a school with a strong academic standing and a coaching staff that can get him to the NFL.  He grew up a Michigan fan but told me that is not going to play any part in his recruitment.  He is not the type of recruit that is going to go to a school just because he is a fan, he is going to do a lot of research.  I asked him what he wanted to say to Buckeyenation, and he told me: “Go Bucks!” I am excited for Desmond to work for an offer and I think he is going to get one.




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