MotSaG Annual Top 25 Best Ohio State Based Twitter Accounts

Here it is everyone our tradition of naming the top 25 Twitter accounts for Buckeye fans to follow is out and here are the guidelines for making the list. The account has to be mostly Ohio State related with its tweets. They also cant be a fake account. Sorry if you want to make the list say who you really are :). Fans dont make this list but look for a list for you guys in the not to far off future. Also all MotSaG writers were prohibited to make the list but if you want to go to our homepage and follow all of our writers please.

1. Tony Gerdeman- Tony repeats as this years top follow. He consistently combines the right amount of snarkiness, hilarity, knowledge, and trolling you want from someone you follow. While Gerd as he affectionately known to his vast amount of followers is wonderful at trolling he does it in a way that even the people he is trolling somehow finds it enduring. He never comes off as an OSU homer and I remember one of the first times I talked to him I had to ask him if he was an OSU fan. His journalistic integrity is so strong most people can not tell one way or another if he is an OSU fan or not and I won’t reveal how he responded to me to keep that allure going. He writes in a way that is relatable and not stuffy and you can always count on him to say it as he sees it and doesn’t pander to the homer side of OSU fans. All of this is why for the second year in a row Tony Gerdeman is the top OSU based Twitter follow.

2. Michael Bennett- Mr. Bennett is probably the funniest OSU player in the history of OSU. He continues to show how a young person should enjoy college life. It is fun to see how much he enjoys being in college.

3. Kyle Rowland- Kyle is the reporter for Eleven Warriors and has the dream job every OSU fan wants he gets to write about OSU and get paid for it. His knowledge and skils are second to none. Much like Tony Gerdeman he is approachable and friendly.

4. Kirk Barton- The former player is an ardent OSU supporter and does nothing to hide his pride in all things Buckeyes. He also is the go to guy for reasons why college athletes arent being taken advantage of.

5. Aaron Craft Roommates- Before Aaron Craft joined Twitter his roommates hilariously tweeted his every move and showed us what it was like to be Aaron Craft… the answer is normal.

6. Shelly Meyer- Mrs. Meyer has quickly gained the support and trust of OSU fans. Her interactions with fans (and fake accounts) have become legendary and gives fans a look into Coach Meyer from a personal level we normally wouldn’t have. Also she managed to make Mike Bianchi furious which makes me like her even more.

7. Robert Smith- Without a doubt the most intellectual OSU player I have ever encountered. Most of his tweets make me think and that is half the fun. He isn’t your typical follow I promise you that.

8. Jeremy Birmingham- Recruiting Guru Jeremy has built a cult following of recruiting fans and recruits and their families. He brings a down to earth mentality to a crazy world.

9. Tim May Tim May is a Sports Reporter for the Columbus Dispatch. The fact that he has been doing his job for longer than most of the people reading this have been alive is a testament to his abilities. Mr. May has an aw shucks persona but his ability to write is second to none. His joining of Twitter in 2012 was heralded as the greatest thing since slice bread and the man, the myth, and the legend has lived up to exactly who we thought he would be.

10. Mekka Don- The former OSU player turned Hip Hop Superstar has built his brand around Ohio State and has brought fans together young and old with his brand of music. He also is very approachable and fan friendly.

11. Doug Lesmerises
12. Michael Citro
13. Dave Biddle
14. Ramzy Nasrallah
15. Marcus Hartman
16. Ari Wasserman
17. Bill Rabinowitz
18. BBC
19. Jeff Boals
20. Land-Grant Holy Land
21. Ben Axelrod
22. Alex Gleitman
23. Samuel Silverman
24. Mark Pantoni
25.Jerry Emig

Just missed the cut

DJ Byrnes
Lori Schmidt
Jeff Svoboda
Brandon Castel
Kevin Noon

I know I am missing some very important names and I apologize for any oversight. The truth is OSU fans are extremely lucky to have the huge amounts of people to follow who cover Ohio State and those people and sites are all worthy of this list. Feel free to share anyone I missed in the comments section.


  1. Feel like it’s a complete popularity contest… Nor is it that hard to copy and paste someone else’s tweet like half of these people say the exact same thing

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