Mi’Quan Grace already gaining interest…As a 7th Grader

It is never too early to start recruiting as we all know nowadays.  Meet Cincinnati’s very own Mi’Quan Grace.  Mi’Quan has not graduated middle school, but that has not stopped college coaches from noticing the potential this prospect has.  The 7th grader, yes, 7th grader, is already getting strong interest from in state Ohio University.  This is not all that uncommon now.  David Sills, who recently just committed to West Virginia, committed to USC when he was in the 7th grade.  The recruiting process has evolved so much over the time that pretty soon kids in diapers might be getting offers.  Okay not that hardcore, but when that happens, you read it here first.  Some of the coaches at Ohio have told him that he has great feet work for his grade and his overall work ethic is amazing.   He has attended many camps already such as the NUC camp, Ohio University Camp, University of Cincinatti camp, and the FBU Camp. I talked briefly with his youth coach and he told me that he was one of the most coachable kids he has ever dealt with.  Mi’Quan told me of the many connections he has to Ohio State and they are some of the reasons he loves Ohio State.

“I love the coaches at Ohio State, especially Coach Coombs,” he said why he loves Ohio State.  “Coach Coombs and I have a good relationship and he has seen me perform at multiple camps including the Colerain camps and the UC camp.  I love coach Coombs and he gives me good advice to get better.  I also have met Adolphus Washington multiple times.  He is really cool.”

Grace’s trainer is also Ohio State great, Vinnie Clark.  Clark also played in the NFL and helps Grace get ready for the rigorous training needed to get to the next level. Grace’s  favorite player growing up was Terrelle Pryor.  He told me that he loves the way Terrelle Pryor played the game.  Not a bad athlete to model your game after as he was one of the most athletic players in Ohio State history.  When Mi’Quan is not working on getting better at football, he enjoys reading books and playing other sports.  He runs track and might go to the nationals for track in the 100m and 200m.  I asked him what he would like to say to Buckeyenation and he told me; “You can get ready for the next great Ohio State running back!”   He is attending an Ohio State high school camp next summer.  As a seventh grader he is already gaining interest from schools so that is very impressive.  He is a very talented prospect.

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