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By: Michael Rockstedt

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Thank you for all of those who submitted questions to the “Ask the Staff.”  We here at MotSaG love any reader interaction we can gather and it’s good to know that people are reading.  Let’s get to it!


When does Damien Harris pull the trigger and is it going to be good news?- Jason

This is the question of the hour.  If you follow recruiting I am sure you know that Jashon Cornell and Justin Hilliard are very close with Damien Harris.  I think Hilliard and Cornell joining Ohio State helped out big time with Harris.   He has made it no secret how much he loves Ohio State, but the same goes with Kentucky. He has committed to Michigan once before and is adamant about not committing again until signing day.  But as we realize with a lot of these players, the process gets stressful.  I think that Harris could commit at anytime, but wouldn’t be surprised if he dragged it out until signing day, only because he committed once before and does not want to decommit again.  I like Ohio State to land Harris in the end, but Kentucky is going to give them one heck of a push.

Malik Jefferson and Jerome Baker will we be able to have both of them in the 15 class?- Nick

I am going to answer this with my prediction that Baker is going to choose Ohio State on Friday.  The simple answer is yes.  Malik Jefferson is such a talented player that you just don’t say no to.  I have spoken with Jefferson before and he is visiting for the Illinois game and has a very strong interest in Ohio State.  Malik Jefferson is the type of talent that you just don’t deny a spot in this class.  He is a longshot as I think Texas A&M is the leader.  Also, Florida is giving Baker a hard time with his decision.  Let’s get Baker in the fold and go on from there.

What are your Honest thoughts on Jared Payton 2017?- Michael Jones

Jared Payton is a 5-11, defensive back and is part of the 2017 recruiting class.  I like his game and I am excited to see his talents progress to the varsity level.  He grew up a Florida fan, but loves Ohio State as well.  I think his recruitment is just heating up and he is only going to get bigger on the recruiting trail.

What is the latest with Van Jefferson? Do you like the Buckeyes chances?- Elliot

Much like the Damien Harris question, Van Jefferson is the next recruit everybody wants to know about.  Van has been trending for the past couple of weeks for Tennessee, but I do not agree with that.  I have spoken with a couple of people in the Jefferson camp, and they are very much into Ohio State.  They love Urban Meyer and how he would prepare Van for life after football. He is visiting on July 16th and this is a chance for Ohio State to show him why they are the school for him.  I have been saying for a while now that I still think Ohio State is the team to beat.  I am sticking with that.  He hopes to decide on his birthday, July 26th, but if not then, sometime before the summer is over.  I like the Buckeyes here.

Hey guys, I was wondering what OSU chances are at landing Brian Cole?- Anthony

Brian Cole is a very interesting prospect.  He is rated the top prospect in Michigan and many people feel like this is a two team race between Michigan State and Michigan.  Ohio State is making things interesting as he has visited here before and could be coming back for FNL.  I expect him to stay in state and choose either Michigan State or Michigan.



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