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When it comes to recruiting the 2017 class, most recruitniks know that there are already a handful of offers out.  Austin Mills, from Mount Vernon, Kentucky, hopes to be one of the lucky ones to earn one of those offers soon. Mills, a 5-8 linebacker, knows that he needs to get bigger and stronger if he wants colleges to start noticing him.  He has received some interest from Kentucky, Auburn, and Vanderbilt already.  He is in contact with Kentucky a lot because they are the in-state school so he is able to go there a lot.  Although he does not have much interest from Ohio State, he hopes to gain some interest from them by his play on the field.  Ohio State is certainly one of his favorite schools as he loves everything about them.

Mills is hoping he can earn an offer from Ohio State

“I love the fan base at Ohio State!” Mills said of the reasons he loves Ohio State.  “I love the academics there also. I want to visit before the season to get a better feel of what Ohio State has to offer. I really love Ohio State and I have a lot of interest in them.”

I asked Mills what he thinks is the strongest part of his game and he said that he hits hard and that he is quick on his feet.  I think that he needs to add a little more size, which he has a lot of time for because he is just a freshman.  He is going to get stronger and bigger which could really help him with his game.  Mills loves Ohio State a lot but he also has a strong interest in Kentucky.  He has been to Kentucky a couple of times now and even camped there in June.  As for the rest of the summer, Mills is going to be conditioning with his friends for the season.  He has many friends on the football team with him and they enjoy working out together.  He also switched his position to OLB, so he has been studying and learning coverage skills.  I’m interested in Austin’s recruitment because he is a hard worker and with a little growth spurt, he could be a big player this season.   Follow his recruitment as he gets bigger and stronger.


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