Justin Hilliard Is Number Eleven for 2015

What has been a roller coaster recruitment, Justin Hilliard has become the eleventh member of the 2015 Ohio State Recruiting class, after announcing his commitment just moments ago.  The 6-2 Cincinnati Linebacker is one of the top prospects not only in the state but in the government.  Hilliard picked Ohio State over Notre Dame, Iowa, Alabama, and Michigan, although I think the top two were Ohio State and Notre Dame.  His recruitment had people in many different directions as many people thought Notre Dame led, then Iowa, then Ohio State, then the rest was anyone’s best guess.

Hilliard to Ohio State

Hilliard fills an immediate need for Ohio State at linebacker, a group that has under performed to say the least in recent seasons.  Keeping the best players in state has been the top priority for Urban Meyer and Ohio State, and they continue with Hilliard.  What makes this even better, was that he is from Cincinnati, a part of Ohio that does not necessarily mean an Ohio State lock.  Hilliard is going to become a leader for this class immediately and is going to try to bring the top talent with him.  I expect him to recruit Jashon Cornell and Damien Harris the hardest.


  1. Jim Lindsey says

    Good write up. Proud to be a buckeye.

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