Readers Interview with Austin Mack

We here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray, are pleased to announce a more interactive type article.  Last week, we asked you to send questions that you had for class of 2016 star Wide Receiver, Austin Mack.  Mack has offers from many programs around the country, such as Ohio State, Michigan, and Notre Dame.  He is rated as the 78th best prospect in the nation according to 247 sports composite and the 12th rated Wide Receiver.  In my opinion, Mack should be rated much higher, as I think he is one of the most talented recruits in the nation.  He was very excited to have the chance to answer questions from the readers!

Austin Mack loves Ohio State

 What are your top things when you look at a school? Like being close to home, education, coaching staff, and etc?- Zane

The top thing I look for in a school is education. Of course distance matters because I care about my family, but it all depends on the best fit. Also I care about how the coaches treat players and how good I can interact with them.

 Do you have additional summer visits planned?- OSUBasketballJunkie 

 Yes, I am going to MSU on the 12th of July, then going to Ohio State for the Friday Night Lights camp on the 25th , and I’m going to the BBQ in the big house which is also at the end of July. That should be it unless we make a stop to Tennessee on the 17th.

 What has been your favorite part about the recruiting process thus far?- JP

 My favorite part is being able to have the luxury of seeing things that most college fans couldn’t. Growing up as a kid, I wanted to see some of these things like the locker room and the equipment room, and now, since I’ve become more successful, it’s all happening.  It’s pretty special.  Also making relationships with people who I did not think I would, such as (Coach Urban Meyer) is neat too.

Call of Duty or Halo? Who do you model your game after?- El Kaiser

Call of Duty of course! I’m a gamer! But I model my game after Larry Fitzgerald. I can relate my game exactly to his and he is a big bodied receiver like myself. I study most of his routes and tendencies and try to put them into my own.

What is your favorite moment in your football career?- Paul

My favorite moment in my football career so far would have to be when I was a freshman and we won the state championship! One of the best memories in my life. But unfortunately, I wasn’t a big contributor due to our 25 senior starters. So more realistically, my personal best moment is receiving my first big offer from Ohio State. I was on Cloud nine for a while and it was a great feeling.

Name one thing that Ohio State has that Notre Dame does not, and one thing that Notre Dame has that Ohio State doesn’t?- Jesse Sidwell

Ohio State has a more prestigious football program and they have multiple facilities.  Notre Dame has incredible academics. They are compared with Harvard and some Ivy league schools. But the huge difference between them both is one is public and one is private. ND only has about 9,000 kids on campus which is a lot smaller than OSU. But there both great schools and have their own unique, qualities. 


  1. Mike,

    I’m once again playing catch-up, but this was a fun read, I hope you’re able to do more of these!

    It seems like Austin has a good head on his shoulders and would look great in scarlet and gray. Any kid modeling their game after Fitzgerald is okay by me.

  2. Thank you very much. He was awesome for this. I hope that we can do more things like this in the future.

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