MotSaG Chat with 2016 DE Malik Barrow

Malik Barrow is not another ordinary football player.  Standing almost 6’4, and weight about 245 pounds, Barrow stands out amongst the crowd almost immediately.  With offers from the likes of Michigan State, Ohio State, UNC, and many others, he is already beginning to make a name for himself as a Sophomore.  Something that is not abnormal anymore.  Barrow recently took a trip to Ohio State for both and Unofficial visit and a camp.  A camp he says he did very well in.

“I did well in the camp!” Barrow sad of his camp performance.  “I went against one of the top 2016 OT recruits, (He did not know his name), and won the battle.  Overall, I think I did very well going against some tough competition.”

Not only was he there for the camp, but was able to spend time with the coaches as well.  He got to meet Urban Meyer and tour the campus for a little bit.  He had nothing but positive things to say about the campus Ohio State in general.

“The visit was great!” He said of his visit.  “Meeting Urban and Coach Johnson was amazing!  I like Coach Johnson a lot as a position coach. Urban told me that they really like the way I play and that they want me to come there.  I also loved the campus and facilities. Everything was great about Ohio State!”

Although Malik loved the visit to Ohio State, he is wide open in his recruitment.  There is not much pressure to stay instate because he is not originally from Florida.  He moved there from Massachusetts when he was younger.  So to think that any of the Florida teams are for sure getting his commitment is wrong.  He is wide open and is hoping to make it to Georgia Tech, UNC, Duke, and UCF over the summer.  I asked him what he would like to say to Ohio State fans and he said, “Go Bucks!”  He enjoys playing basketball and chilling with friends when he is not training for football.  He keeps himself busy with this and stays in shape for workouts by playing some basketball.  I think there is a good chance that Malik could end up here.  He does love Ohio State and everything about it so they have that going for them.  But has many schools around him that he loves also.  This is going to be an interesting recruiting battle between Ohio State and I think UNC and Miami.  He is a recruit we should all be watching over the next couple of seasons.

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