Creating a Path of His Own- Elijah Holyfield- Class of 2016 RB

The name Holyfield is familiar with a lot of people around the world.  Evander Holyfield is one of the most prestigious and famous boxers around most sports fans.  No do not worry recruit fans, this story is not about Evander Holyfield.  Instead, this story is about his son, Elijah Holyfield.  If you take one look at his twitter name, you can see that his dad has been his role model.  His twitter name is .  Evander Holyfield taught him about many things in life and has given him some good advice about being in the spotlight.  

“My dad has just told me to stay humble and don’t stop working,” Elijah said of the advice he has received from his dad.  “Somebody is always working harder than you for your spot.  Just stay very humble.”

With offers from some of the top schools in the nation including,  Tennessee, Louisville, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, and Ohio State, Elijah is just enjoying the process.  He has been very humble by all the attention he has been getting but is determined to keep working hard to get  better.  He has been to many campuses, including visits to Louisville and Kentucky last weekend which he liked.  He is planning more visits for the summer and one of them will be a visit to Ohio State on June 19th to the 20th for a camp and visit.  He talked a little bit about by he was intrigued by Ohio State and what he is most looking forward to on his visit.

“I am attending the camp and also getting a chance to visit the school,” Holyfield said of his upcoming visit.  “I am excited to get to talk to coach Drayton and to check out the facilities.  I am very excited about the chance to play at Ohio State because they have had so many players drafted, and many Heisman Trophy winners.  It just feels like I would also be a great fit to their system.”

Holyfield is visiting Michigan before his Ohio State visit.  So it gives him a chance to kind of make a Midwest swing.  He is training hard for the upcoming football season and wants to improve staying healthy, after a little injury last season, and also wants to work on becoming more of a complete runningback, like catching the ball out of the backfield, something almost is a must now for runningbacks.  He is wide open but told me that he was really excited about the Ohio State offer and they will be there till the end.  This is going to be an interesting recruiting battle.  He is a very talented prospect and has the determination to keep working hard to get better at the game.

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