Neville Gallimore-Class of 2015- Farther North Than TTUN


When Neville Gallimore was in the fourth grade, he tried almost every sport.  He realized that he had a bigger body than most of his other classmates, so hockey and soccer were out of the question.  Neville knew that his calling was for football.  Football, in Canada?  That is right.  Standing 6-3 and weighing 300 pounds, it easy to see why he chose to stick with football.  Gallimore attends Canada Prep Football Academy, in Ontario, Canada.   Coached by former Cal WR and teammate of Aaron Rodgers, Geoff McArthur, this football team plays an all United States football schedule.  They play some of the top teams across the United States, so the competition is there.  Gallimore is able to showcase his talents against some of the top players in the U.S., even though he is from Canada.  He holds offers from some of the biggest schools in the country like Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan State, and California.  He recently took a visit to Ohio State where he was able to visit the school and also compete in the NFTC.  He finished the NFTC by becoming the first Canadian prospect to ever get an invite to the opening.  Gallimore had a lot to say about his Opening invite and his skyrocket in the rankings for, but remained humble and considered it all a blessing.

“I was very happy about the invite to he Opening! It was one of the goals I had and now I can check it off on the football bucket list.  As for the rankings,feel that it shows how hard I work and that hard work pays off.  It is a big deal, but I am not making it a bigger deal than it is.  I still need to work hard and I am very humbled by it,” said Gallimore of his success at the NFTC.

Not only did he get to compete at the NFTC and showcase his talents, but he got to go to the University and visit the school, meet the coaches and tour the facilities.   He said the experience of meeting Urban Meyer and Larry Johnson was unique also.  “Meeting coach Meyer one on one was a huge deal to me.  This man has a whole bunch of winning credentials,” he said of meeting coach Meyer.  He also talked about how good the facilities were and that they are like non-other.  Another important part of the visit was that he realized how close the coaches are which he thinks are very important.

As for what is next in Gallimore’s recruitment?  He says, “The recruiting process has been a lot of fun, but I hope to make some more visits to schools such as Florida, Miami (FL), and Florida State.”  With playing an all United States schedule, I am sure that he will get to see more of the schools on his list.  He has some big interest and offers from almost every school in the nation.  I know he loved Ohio State but that he is open to many schools.  I think the Buckeyes could be in this till the end of his recruitment.  Watch Neville’s recruitment going forward not only for himself, but for his country.  He is a symbol for so much more than his recruitment.  From talking to both his coach Geoff McArthur, and Neville himself, they represent the whole country and that Canada has some really good football players.  We are writing an article, in conjunction with coach McArthur, on the program he is running in Canada so stay tuned for that article.  Neville Gallimore was a very humble kid and just super excited, but humble of all the opportunities he is receiving.

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