Ohio State Continues Their Commitment Roll

I wish I could take a break from writing these OSU got another commitment posts…. NOT. In the last 3 days OSU has landed 3 recruits and I am not even sure they are done for the week at this rate. One thing I know about this newest commit is that he plays the greatest position in football or at least that is what Tony (@MotSaG) tells me every chance he gets. You see Tony fancies himself sort of a Long Snapper prodigy whose fame was cut short by a hang nail. But anyhow I digress and need to get back on track OSU has gained a commitment so let’s get to know all about him.

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Liam McCullough committed to Ohio State via his Twitter account…

Liam McCullough is a 6’2″ 230 lbs 2 star Long Snapper from Worthington, Ohio. Sure you could say this isn’t a sexy pick up for OSU but you would be missing the big picture. OSU needs a Long Snapper for the future as Bryce Haynes days at OSU are numbered. Bryce has been unbelievable since taking the job over and consistently has been our best Special Teams player. Liam will take over that roll and has the athletic ability to do so. He has been a highly sought after player for a while now at a position that every team needs but few guys can do. Winning this battle over MSU is huge as it secures OSUs LS spot for the next 5 years or so. Liam will come in and work with Coach Coombs and get that fire he will need to play the spot he does.

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