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Ben Bredeson is a 6’4 255 offensive tackle coming out of the 2016 class. He is from Hartland, Wisconsin. 247 Sports has him as the number one player coming out of his class in the state of Wisconsin. He has many offers from the top programs in the country such as Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan and Tennessee. He will definitely just keep picking up offers as his high school career continues.

Ohio State is on the top of Ben’s list. This would be a great commit for the silver bullets. Keep reading to see the interview I was able to do with Ben.

247sports Profile

Andrew: How has the recruiting process been?

Ben: Right now it slowed down which has been a nice little break I guess because it was becoming a lot before that. But overall it’s been good I’ve been hearing from schools I wanted to hear from and have been enjoying it all the way.

Andrew: What schools are currently showing interest?

Ben: Other than the schools that have offered me mainly Notre Dame and Stanford.

Andrew: What schools are recruiting you the hardest?

Ben: Mainly Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio Statr as of right now.

Andrew: Which schools have you visited and are there any planned visits?

Ben: I visited MSU last fall and this spring I’ve been to Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State and Tennessee. I’ll be heading to Notre Dame and Northwestern for sure and then some repeats to places I’ve been before and maybe others that aren’t planned yet.

Andrew: How was your Ohio State visit?

Ben: I didn’t get to see everything because some parts were under construction, but other than that it was amazing. It was great to see the tradition and price there and it exceeded my expectations.

Andrew: What did the coaches tell you?

Ben: They said they have a lot of interest in me and that they want to keep a close relationship with me in the future going through high school.

Andrew: Is there a list at this point or an estimated time for when there will be a list?

Ben: I’m taking it slow and I’m still open to everyone now but next year I’ll start crossing some schools off and focusing more on the ones I want to see.

Andrew: How would you describe your game?

Ben: I like power football and hitting people a lot but I also enjoy using my feet and quickness on passes where hand position is more critical.

Andrew: Is there anything you want to work on?

Ben: I just want to try to improve my game overall and work more on my first step off the ball, but also being more of a leader this year with the team.

Andrew: Is there an estimated time on your commitment?

Ben: I’m taking it slow, but I also want to do it early enough to influence and bring in other recruits with me.

Andrew: Anything else you want people to know?

Ben: Wherever I go it’s because that was the best fit for me and where I can see myself being successful.

View his highlights.

Follow Ben on twitter: @Ben_Bredeson74

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