MotSaG Chat with Nyheim Hines- Visit Recap

4star_recruit_iconosuHelmetWatching the highlight tape of class of 2015 standout Athlete and All-Purpose-Back, Nyheim Hines, you notice all of the great skills that have college coaches wishing he could play this season for them. The way that he carries the ball, his feet, and oh yea his speed!  Standing 5-9 and weighing 186 pounds, the Garner, North Carolina star runs a blazing fast 4.30 40yd yard dash.  4.30! He is only a junior in high school and has not even been training at the college level yet!  The blazer recently visited Ohio State, and he was amazed at what Ohio State had to offer.

“I was speechless.  They have some of the best facilities there.  They are really only comparable to Oregon.  Everything about Ohio State is just amazing,” Hines said about the visit.

Nyheim_DNAOne of the facilities that he liked the best was the new field turf.  He said that because he cuts and jukes so much he loved the field turf because it can help with his moves.  Meeting Urban Meyer was also a special thing for him as well.  He loved Urban Meyer at Florida and Urban Meyer told him that he would make the perfect H-Back, a role made famous by none other than Percy Harvin.  He wants to play H-Back in college, and said that Meyer told him he would flourish in their offense.  Many fans not only of Ohio State, but  that are familiar with Urban Meyer’s offense, know that the H-Back is usually referred to at the “Percy Harvin Position.

“If I came there, I wouldn’t be going there to be the next Percy Harvin.  I would be going there to win.  Whatever I need to do to help us win,” Hines told me.  Urban Meyer knows of his capabilities and speed and he is a perfect fit for this offense.

Going through the recruiting process has kept Hines busy.  With hundreds and hundreds of people giving him advice as where to go, what schools to visit, etc, things can get a little hectic, especially for a high school student-athlete.  I asked Hines what is the best advice that he has received throughout the process.  There are two pieces of advice that he received that he said have really stuck with him throughout this whole process.  One of those from a UNC coach and the other from his father.   The UNC coach told him about the importance of becoming a man.

“I hope you become a man throughout this process.  You have to be real with everybody. You need to be able to have a man to man talk with coaches, about what you actually like and dislike about every place,” one of the UNC coaches told him.  Hines became more of a man throughout the process as he got more letters and offers.  Another piece of advice  that he said he really took to heart was the advice his father gave him, and which every college recruit should take to heart also.

“My dad told me that I should not let football use me.  This is a decision for forty years, not four years,” Hines’ dad told him.  Mr. Hines is correct on many levels.  Nyheim understands this and that is why he really took this advice to heart.  He knows that if football doesn’t work out, the academic side of the scholarship, will help in the real world.  This is good advice for all recruits.

Besides running track, Nyheim is unsure of what his summer plans are.  He is going to talk to his dad and coach about the whole recruiting process and go from there.  He did tell me that he will narrow his list down to about seven or eight schools in the summer.  He also said that Ohio State will definitely be on that list and that he wants to go back to Ohio State already.  If he does not make it back to Ohio State in the summer, he will be back for a game in the fall.  Hines also can play the clarinet really well and can play the drums too.  He is also pretty darn good at tumbling, which shows you how athletic he is, but I do not know if he included that in his highlight reel.  He wanted to say to all Buckeye fans, “OH-(then the readers say) IO!”

Nyheim Hines is a speedster on the field, has nice moves, and can explode with the ball in his hands at any time on the football field.  Talking to him, he seemed really excited, but blessed to be talking about Ohio State and Urban Meyer.  He has many offers and has a good selection of colleges to choose from.  It is good that Ohio State will be on the list when he cuts it down.  Ohio State is really excited about the chance of Hines coming there to play that H-Back position, with his speed, versatility, and explosiveness.  This is a recruit that every Buckeye fan should get to know and watch this season.

Here is his 247sports profile page.

And follow Hines on twitter: @TheNyNy2 


  1. Great post, Michael, and allow me to take this opportunity to “officially” welcome you to the MotSaG family, even though you’ve been pumping out high quality content for a while now. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Michael Rockstedt says

    Thank you Tony! I appreciate that a lot and I am just thankful to be a part of this wonderful team.

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this young man play for the last 2 years…A great student and a terrific athlete he never ceases to amaze..his numbers would have been better had it not been for a late season injury… The program that gets him will truly be fortunate…Can’t wait to see the senior year…

  4. Michael Rockstedt says

    He has all the speed in the world. I think that he is only going to get better. And he loves the H-Back position, which I think is the perfect position for him.

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