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osuHelmetWhen your standing 6-1 and only a freshman, you are going to be noticed.  That is exactly what is happening with Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania Wide Receiver, Cameron Easton.  With interest from the likes of Florida State, Pittsburgh, and New Mexico State, and camp invites from Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Rutgers, and Maryland, Easton is just seeing his recruiting pick up.  He has many visits planned for the summer as well.  “I plan on camping at Pittsburgh, and maybe Rutgers, and Maryland.”  Not bad for just a rising sophomore.  He has very strong interest in Ohio State as well and recently got invited to a camp.  As for why he is highly interested in Ohio State, he says, “I really like the academic prestige and the tradition they have there at Ohio State.”  Easton hopes that he can earn an offer from Ohio State, but says there are things that he can improve on.  “Attention to detail on my routes is a part of my game I’d like to improve.”  If he wants to be a receiver at the next level, he will have to increase his wide receiver skills and become more of a complete receiver, which he will work very hard on.

As for the part of his game that he likes? “I feel like my worth ethic and desire to be the best is a strength of mine.”  Having a good work ethic is good for a freshman because they are the lowest on the totem pole, and need to work harder than most to catch up with the speed of the game.  He wants to give a shout out to Buckeyenation by saying, “Go Bucks!!!”  Easton is a young and talented prospect.  He is already 6-1, ideal for a tall freshman wide receiver.  He can continue to develop his game, and work out at camps to get better at the wide receiver position.  He is a hard worker.  I live in New Jersey and go to school in Philadelphia, so I’m hoping to catch one of his games or camps either at Rutgers camp or a high school game.  He is an intriguing prospect who every buckeyefan should watch over the next few seasons.

Here is Easton’s 247sports profile.

Follow Easton on twitter: @cameroneaston_

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