Bradley Roby Plea Deal Reached

Bradley Roby had his day in court and like most citizens in this country reached a plea deal with the prosecution before ever seeing the Judge. 10TV with the full details in their report…

A judge has sentenced former Ohio State University player Bradley Roby.

Roby was arrested on April 20 after being found passed out behind the wheel of his car on Vine Street, according to Columbus Police.

On Tuesday, Roby pleaded guilty to an amended charge of Physical Control. Physical Control means being in the driver’s position in the front seat of a vehicle and having possession of the ignition key or other ignition device.

Roby was sentenced to take a three-day driver intervention course. He was also fined $375.

As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors agreed not to file any additional charges in the future. It could take six weeks for toxicology reports to come out. According to court documents, Roby’s blood alcohol level was .008.

You can assume that Roby likely finalized the plea deal to avoid toxicology reports that will come out in 6 weeks that could show illegal drug use. Or maybe not assume that if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I doubt a lawyer would let him plead out if not for fear something worse could be found out in the investigation. The legal system is a sneaky thing sometimes.


  1. This is the best possible resolution for both sides. Roby needed it to go away for obvious reasons, and less obviously, so did the prosecution.

    The political realities behind prosecuting a public figure, like Roby, can bring an awful lot of negative publicity. The whole situation sounded dicey from a legal perspective, and prosecuting the case could open the police department up to a whole heap scrutiny that they probably don’t need or necessarily deserve.

    I wouldn’t read much into Roby accepting a deal. It’s a misdemeanor that can be expunged and obviously a slap on the wrist. Plus, Roby won’t be sweating the $375 in a few weeks. Roby’s lawyer, given the overwhelming reasons supporting a quick resolution, would have likely taken and or suggested Roby take the deal either way. I don’t think them taking the deal at all suggests they have concerns about the toxicology results.

    • Thanks Edward for stopping by and reading and commenting.

      I am sure your theory is very likely to be true. No doubt many innocent people on a daily basis plead out to lesser charges instead of taking their chances with a legal system that isnt truly blind.

      I just can’t imagine ever doing that but I have never been thrown into that legal system and had to deal with it.

      I am glad it is over for him and he can move on.

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