Catching up with Jerome Baker

Jerome Baker is an outside linebacker, ATH coming out of the 2015 class. Per ESPN, he is ranked 66th in his class and the second best player coming out of Ohio. Jerome has many offers from all over the country. He can play anywhere on the field such as running back and outside linebacker. He would be a great contribution to the 2015 class.


Being one of the best players out of Ohio. This would be a great commitment for the Buckeyes. Below is an interview I did with Jerome a couple days ago.

Andrew: How has the recruiting process been?

Jerome: It’s been great. Loving the recruiting process. Having a lot of fun along the way.

Andrew: What schools are showing interest/the most interest?

Jerome: There are a lot of schools showing interest. Schools showing most interest are Ohio State, Michigan State, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

Andrew: Any list at this point?

Jerome: Not really.

Andrew: Where have you visited?

Jerome: Ohio State, Penn State, Illinois, Florida and Tennessee.

Andrew: How was the Ohio State visit?

Jerome: It was amazing! I stayed overnight with the players and coaches. It was amazing.

Andrew: What coaches did you talk to? What did they tell you?

Jerome: Pretty much the whole staff. Coach Drayton, Coach Meyer, Coach Fickell, Coach Pantoni and so many more. They express how much they want me, and to enjoy the process, and they want me to lead the class.

Andrew: Do you have any relationships with players/recruits?

Jerome: Yes. Recruits I talk to are Eric Glover and Justin Hillard a little bit. I know a lot of players. Erick Smith, Marcelys Jones, Cordale, Marshon, Raekwon, Tyvis, Worley. It’s a lot of guys.

Andrew: When do you plan on committing?

Jerome: After the football season.

Andrew: How would you describe your game?

Jerome: Versatile. I can do a lot of different things on the field. Don’t matter where you put me. I could be very good at it.

Andrew: What do you want to improve?

Jerome: My quickness.

You can follow him on twitter @Lastname_Baker


  1. I was honestly surprised to not here him say PSU was one of the schools recruiting him the hardest. I have heard he is a lifelong PSU fan and with all the buzz about Franklin and PSU right now I assumed they would be going hard at Jerome.

    I was starting to doubt OSUs chances of landing Jerome but after this interview I feel much better about our chances. It is a long time until February and hopefully OSU lands Jerome because his versatility is something Urban loves and seeks.

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