Numbers Crunch: 2015 Ohio State Recruiting Class Size **UPDATED**

Last year I did the Numbers Crunch post to keep up to date numbers on the class size based on SRs, early NFL draft entries, transfers, and players kicked off the team. The post was successful and at the very least gave everyone a guide to use. This year will be no different as it is back. So lets take a look at what the numbers look like.

OSU had room in the 2014 class for 22 players but signed 23 players so one more player has to leave before Aug 1st in order for OSU to be at 82 players.

Braxton Miller is as of today returning in 2015.


Curtis Grant
Michael Bennett
Jeff Heuerman
Joel Hale
Daryl Baldwin
Doran Grant
Steve Miller
Evan Spencer
JT Moore
Rod Smith
Devin Smith
Antonio Underwood
Chris Carter

Player Transfers

Mike Mitchell- February
Jayme Thompson- April
Jamal Marcus- May
Tommy Brown- August
Frank Epitropoulos- August

Medical Hardships

Chad Lindsay
Kyle Dodson
Trey Johnson
Armani Reeves
Devan Bogard
Ron Tanner

Players kicked off the team

Noah Spence

Players leaving early for the NFL


Additional Scholarships

3- added back from the NCAA punishments putting OSU back to 85

Players Transferred In



As of January 15, 2015- 28 is the magic number right now.


  1. I wonder if anyone else will be following Jayme Thompson after spring practice.

  2. Almost always will be… especially once the semester ends and they dont hurt the team APR score.

  3. goober goobs says

    Actually OSU is at 82 players when incoming freshmen report, so the magic number is 13 seniors plus the 3 scholarship increase equals 16 available recruits for the 2015 class. This does not include attrition which may up the total to about 20 scholarships. But for now the magic number is actually 16.

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