Breaking: Braxton Bad Edition

Breaking news into MotSaG this afternoon are reports that Ohio State star has been arrested. Several sources have informed us that Miller was seen in the back of a patrol car after loss and prevention officers apprehended him. I have spoken to the loss and prevention officer from the store and Charity only told me she thought it was odd that Mr. Miller was trying to conceal merchandise in his sling. Miss Case said she knew Braxton had surgery recently but wasn’t aware he should still be wearing the sling. She radioed her partner Doug and had him follow Miller on the floor. Mr. Hole reportedly witnessed Braxton concealing merchandise in his sling. When approached Miller tried to run but was disoriented by the endless white floors so he turned himself in.

We have reached out to our sources on the football team, one official explained that Urban was extremely upset that he will have to cut Miller because he doesn’t want a repeat of last year hearing all the SEC media hypes whining about how his program is out of control. When we learn more we will keep all of you up to date.

April Fools!!! HAHA

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