B1G Tournament Game 2 (Nebraska) Semi-live Blog

We are about 10 mins away from tip off. Just saw Michigan avoid getting upset by the Illini 64-63. This match with Nebraska is a rubber match game. Ohio State beat Nebraska at home by 31 points earlier this year than 2 weeks later went and lost at Nebraska by 6 points. Ohio State needs this win to advance to play Michigan tomorrow in the semi-finals. The game will come down to who shots the ball better today LaQuinton Ross for OSU or Terran Petteway for the Cornhuskers. I will do my best to give as many updates as possible as soon the game starts. Go Bucks!!!


Under 16 minute timeout- Early on the Buckeyes are playing extremely well and lead 6-3. Defensively they have held Nebraska to 1-6 shooting and have a steal that led to a Slam Thompson fast break slam dunk. Amir Williams and Trey McDonald both with awful offensive fouls on moving screens. OSU is shooting 43% early.

14:54 left in the 1st half- Tim Miles and Nebraska are forced to take a quick timeout after OSU comes out hitting. Lenzelle with a 3 and Q with a long 2. Up 11-3 now. Go Bucks!!!

Under 12 min timeout- Things are getting sloppy and chippy. Ohio State with 6 turnovers and 4 fouls right now. Nebraska with 2 TOs and 3 fouls. Ohio State is shooting 56% right now and if they could just make better passes would have a big lead. Nebraska is shooting 16% right now. OSU up 11-7 with Amedeo going to the line to shoot 2 FTs.

Under 8 min TO- It is the Amir Williams show folks it is his world and we just live in it. Amir is 4-5 for 8 points and 3 rebs and 1 block. OSU is shooting 60% and leads Nebraska 20-14.

Under 4 mins TO- LaQuinton Ross is starting to get hot now. He is 4-4 for 8 points and 4 rebounds. Nebraska is keeping themself in the game with 3 pointers galore. They are 5-13 from behind the Arc and just 4 for 15 from inside it. OSU is up 27-25 and has the ball.

Halftime- Nebraska hits a few open looks to end the half and now lead OSU 31-28. OSUs big issue is 9 turnovers in the first half and poor 3 point defense. If OSU can clean up their passes and keep shooting at 52% they will win this game. If they go cold early in the 2nd half it wont end well.


  1. Ok this start is making me feel much more at ease than yesterday. Ross is a March Beast.

  2. Amir Williams, where has this been ALL YEAR*%#&*&!!@*#&@(#$&

  3. Why can’t this team pull away from teams?

  4. If they go cold early in the 2nd half it wont end well.

    So very very true.

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