Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good morning Buckeye Nation.

National Champs: The Ohio State Buckeyes Men’s Tennis team has won a National Championship. The indoor team has done something that eluded them by finally winning the National Title this past weekend. This is why students choose to come to The Ohio State to have a chance to win National Championships doesn’t matter the sport. Congratulations to coach Tucker and his players keep up the great work and carry the momentum forward.

Coach for Sale: It seems our favorite punching bag from TTUN is getting a new title. There are so many jokes that can go with what I feel is a bizarre move. Brady cHoke will no longer be known as the head football coach at TTUN he will now be known as Brady cHoke the J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach. The Harris family paid 10 million to basically buy the head football title. Seems more and more colleges are doing this as a way to bring in money for their schools. What surprises me is no one thought to bid this out for cHoke I mean come on (insert fat joke here). I think I would have waited a year to see who the next coach is because if history is any indicator next season could be another bad year for the maize and blue with cHoke as their savior.

Get Your Tickets: I know after this brutal winter its hard to think that spring is actually around the corner. Your Buckeye football team will be having their Spring Game on April 12 at the ‘Shoe. Before the game begins the Buckeyes will face TTUN in Lacrosse. Get your tickets now since they will be cheaper than at the door and cheer on your Buckeyes to a victory and then enjoy the future of Buckeye football.

College Football Popularity: Did you know that Ohio State was second in the nation for attendance? Only three teams averaged more than 110k for attendance at their home venues. TTUN was first (surprisingly that many fans wanted to see their team lose), Ohio State, and Alabama were the three. The SEC lead the nation for attendance.

Until next time Buckeye Nation…

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