Ohio State Falls To Michigan, 70-60

OSU LogoApparently Ohio St basketball has a better grasp of statistics than logic. If a team goes one for nine in the first half on three point attempts in tonight’s home game against Michigan, logic would suggest “it’s just not your night—lay off the threes.” Apparently the players and coaches avoid what goes on in the Philosophy Department and instead think, “hey, we don’t shoot threes at 10%, right? So we will hit them in bunches.” Early in the second half the math theory gained some currency as the Bucks stretched out a one point lead to seven or eight when they went two of three from past the arc. But alas, they ended the game with about the same ineptitude.

Which was a shame because the Buckeyes had great success in the paint early on and seemed to regain the momentum by going inside again before several killer turnovers and numerous Michigan offensive rebounds decided the game with a 70-60 Michigan win. On a night when the Buckeyes got almost nothing from the bench, La Qiunton Ross (24 points) and Amir Williams (7 points, all a bonus) were making a difference scoring inside and the defense was absolutely outstanding. This was a game the Buckeyes easily could have won had they not gotten so quick to pull the long ball trigger. So the Buckeye winning streak stalls at three and Thad Matta loses for the first time to Michigan at the Schott.


  1. That was painful last night. Why they shifted from having success “in the paint” to chucking 3’s is beyond me.. Don’t shoot, don’t make Ft’s, don’t rebound, don’t win.

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