Could a LB visit today lead to a commitment?

osuHelmet4star_recruit_iconThis past weekend we told you that Ohio State was losing another linebacker to transfer and as any good Buckeye fan can tell you, that is like eleventy million linebackers lost in the last five years to injury or transfer or leaving for the NFL. Ohio State took four great linebackers in the 2014 class and still has some really good ones left in the cupboard from past classes. The idea was that the 2015 class would not have to focus as much on the linebacker position but, with the news of Mitchell leaving, linebacker suddenly has become a major need again.

Insert who could be the best inside linebacker in the state of Ohio and a life long Buckeye fan who lives and plays 20 minutes from the Horseshoe. Nick Conner is a 6’3″ 225 lbs 4 star ILB from Dublin, Ohio. Nick is a prototypical hard nosed linebacker. As I was interviewing Nick last night, he talked about the fact that he is a run stopping linebacker but can drop back in coverage and cover a tight end. He also mentioned playing offense last season as a tight end and running back. He was very proud of his 13 touchdowns on both offense and defense. His stats speak for themselves: 129 tackles, 19 TFLs, 5.5 sacks, 3 INTs, and 2 defensive TDs as a standout LB playing the Stud position (Star for OSU).

nick-connerNick talked about what schools he has offers from and told me Illinois was his first offer and how excited he was to get that offer. He said the three offers he most seeks is Ohio State, Michigan State, and pretty much any big time warm weather school. Growing up a Buckeye fan in a family of Buckeye fans, you could hear in his voice when he spoke about Ohio State how excited he is for this visit. His main recruiter is Coach Fickell and although I think he would like more interaction with Coach Fickell, he spoke very highly of him and how he could tell Coach Fickell cared about him and his family and would always be there if he needed anything. He has his most contact with Mark Pantoni the man, the myth, and the legend of all thing Ohio State recruiting.

He has been to Ohio State for games and has recently been in touch with Coach Meyer who asked him to visit with his family this week. It made perfect sense to do it today with the huge OSU vs UM basketball game this evening. Nick and his family will head over to meet with Coach Meyer and Coach Fickell and Mark Pantoni to discuss a lot of things, I am sure. Nick is excited at the possibility of an offer being made today but knows it isn’t a sure thing. He has his head on straight and won’t get too excited before knowing if he has an offer or not.

Will Nick commit on the spot if he is offered? That is the million dollar question. He told me that he has considered all the scenarios but deep down inside he knows if he is given an offer today he could see himself committing if the moment is right for it. The important thing he knows is that he has to get the offer first and talk with his family to make sure it is right for him. But knows the gravity of being an Ohio kid and getting his dream offer. His excitement over possibly getting an offer from Coach Meyer was restrained but palpable at the same time.

Most of the people reading this story can imagine how he feels being an Ohio State fan the dream is to play for them. Nick has the ability and the grades 4.0 and 3.97 in the 2 quarters this year. He has the passion and talent to be a great LB for what ever team he lands with. If Ohio matters to Coach Meyer and landing the top talent in the state matters than I imagine Nick will get that offer and once he does can’t imagine him not committing maybe as soon as today but at least at some point in the near future.

Nick Conner will be at the Best of the Midwest combine in Indianapolis on Monday and will be tested in all of the normal things. We will update his stats info once we get them from him. Another interesting fact about Nick the kid loves him some A1 steak sauce and his last meal would include a steak dinner with a lot of it. He is undecided about what he would like to major in at college but his grades will allow him to go into any major he chooses. We will have a follow up interview with him when his visit ends and will update all of you on how it goes and where he stands.


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