Malik McDowell to visit OSU? (Per Report)

The saga surrounding Malik McDowell is not over and by the sounds of it will only get more crazy over the next 2 months. Rivals is reporting that Malik will most likely take unofficial visits to both OSU and FSU soon and they hope to have a decision made by the end of March on where he will go to school. Here is some of the highlights from the report…

McDowell announced a commitment to Michigan State over finalists Florida State, Michigan and Ohio State on National Signing Day. He did not follow up that commitment by sending a letter of intent to East Lansing, however.

The choice of Michigan State was McDowell’s, but his parents have been clear that they would like to see their son at one of his other finalists. Exploring those possibilities more in-depth is likely over the coming weeks according to his father, Greg McDowell.

“I know he is open to taking some unofficials to Florida State and Ohio State,” Greg McDowell said. “We plan on doing some unofficials and see if he and his mom can resolve this. It’s possible she’ll be open to Michigan State as well, so we’ll have to see.”

Greg McDowell also noted that Michigan is still in the picture, and conversations are ongoing with all three finalists he did not pick on National Signing Day.

“One thing I have to say about those schools is after hearing everything, they were calling — not on the recruiting aspect, but calling to see if the family was all right,” Greg McDowell said.

While last Wednesday is known as National Signing Day, it was technically the opening of the signing period, and prospects have until the end of March to send in a letter of intent before that signing period closes.

Suffice it to say the drama isn’t over and Ohio State is very much still in it to land the highly rated DE prospect from Michigan.

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