A look ahead to the 2015 recruiting class

We are a full 48 hours past the National Signing Day for the 2014 class and it feels like I am already behind the 8 ball on 2015 coverage. Just want to take a look at what to expect class size wise and what our area of needs will be and who we believe OSU will be targeting hardest. So lets get started on this.

The Class Size

Here is what we know for sure as of today. There are 15 Seniors on the team. Also the scholarship reductions for the NCAA violations ends so OSU has 3 extra scholarships to offer. That puts OSU at 18 spots right off the bat without any early leavers for the NFL draft and transfers and players kicked off the team. Lets take a quick look at who could leave early for the draft. There are 3 semi-likely players Noah Spence, Adolphus Washington, and Taylor Decker. You can count on 2-4 other players leaving due to natural attrition.

So for the 2015 class size it will be at least 18 players and could easily get up to 25. For the sake of this article though we will use the number 20 as a benchmark.

A look at the positions of need here is where I think OSU will use those 20 spots…

QB- 2 DB- 2
RB- 2 LB- 2
TE- 2 DL- 3
OL- 4 ATH- 1
WR- 2

The biggest areas of need for the 2015 class is QB, RB, and TEs. OSU didnt take any RBs or TEs in the 2014 class so they have to double down. OSU will also lose Braxton Miller and only took 1 QB each of the last 3 years.

The Targets

So lets breakdown who OSU will pursue the hardest to fill these positions at least based on early interest on both sides the players and coaches.

Quarterbacks- 5 star QB Torrance Gibson is the top target for OSU. They are also chasing 4 Star QBs Brandon Wimbush, Lorenzo Nunes, and Jarrett Stidham. Look for OSU to push hard to land 2 of these guys.

Running Backs- 5 star RBs Damien Harris, Taj Griffin, and Soso Jamabo plus 4 star RBs Mike Weber, Jacques Patrick, TJ Simmons, Larry Scott, and Andre Robinson are the main targets as of today but could change as the year goes on.

Tight Ends- Chris Clark and CJ Conrad are the top targets but look for a few surprise names to pop up soon because OSU needs at least 2 of them this cycle.

Offensive Line- High 4 star Steven Gonzalez is the top target for OSU and that is very apparent by the attention he has gotten from all of the staff. Other targets are 5 star Martez Ivy and Mitch Hyatt (Clemson Commit) also 4 stars Sterling Jenkins, Chuma Edoga, Austin Clark, Joshua Alabi, and a host of other players. OSU will most likely take 4 OL every year including 2015.

Wide Receivers- 5 star George Campbell and 4 star guys Brian Cole, Devante Peete, and CJ Sanders are the main targets.

Defensive Backs- OSU already has CBs Eric Glover-Williams and Jamel Dean as commits. They will continue wo pursue 5 star Minkah Fitzpatrick, Kevin Tolliver (LSU commit), and 4 stars Tarvarys McFadden, and Jordan Whitehead. There will be others for sure.

Linebackers- Malik Jefferson, Justin Hilliard, Jefferey Holland, Rickey DeBerry, and Nick Conner are the main targets.

Defensive Line- Tim Settle, Trent Thompson, Shy Tuttle, Terry Beckner Jr, and Jashon Cornell are all 5 stars with OSU offers. There are again a ton of other targets that will be pursued much like OLmen.

Athletes- Jerome Baker is the top choice here the LB/RB fills the need for 2 spots and being from Ohio is a must get. There may be others who fall into this category but Baker is such an important recruit I am leaving him on here all by himself.

In Conclusion

The 2015 class will be Urban Meyers 4th class but only his 3rd class with his recruits solely. We know that Coach Meyer will fill positions of need and will pursue top talent all over the country. New Jersey will likely be a big source of players in the 2015 class. OSU would like to have their QBs locked up before the summer ends. Look for a lot of surprise players as always and for the class to fill up over the entire year and not by May like Brady Hoke loves to do. I really believe the 2015 class could be the best ever but then again I say that every year don’t I? Enjoy the ride because Urban Meyer is driving and he isn’t driving a junker.

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