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Good morning Buckeye Nation and Happy belated National Signing Day (LOI).

Urban’s Christmas: In what might have felt like Christmas to the Buckeyes head football coach yesterday many young men from across the country signed their names on their LOI’s and faxed them over to Ohio State. I’m not going to get into specifics because our recruiting specialist Jeremiah Sharpe did an outstanding job yesterday keeping us informed of who was pledging to play in the Scarlet and Gray. The “original 22” of the Dream ’14 class wasn’t much of a surprise since they committed to play for Meyer before signing day and they all signed on (or were already enrolled) but number 23 was a late entry.

Crafty with the media: The Columbus Dispatch put out a story Tuesday about Aaron Craft calling a player only meeting and they had a players only practice. The attire for the players only practice wasn’t allowed to be Scarlet and Gray since it was deemed by them that they weren’t worthy of wearing the colors after the Penn State loss. Craft during his interviews was being coy when asked if he was the one who called the meeting and choose what was to be worn for their practice. Hopefully something clicked since they have won two in a row since then.

The Other Eleven: Did you know that The Ohio State University had another football team? I’ll be honest when I came across this story on The Lantern I wasn’t aware. Seems we will be learning more of them since some of the student athletes on club football team are making a documentary about it. My hats off to you young men great job and keep up the good work I’m actually looking forward to seeing it especially since I love anything that’s Scarlet and Gray.

Meet a Champion: Have you meet a player from Ohio States National Championship? Want to? Well if you do (and seriously who wouldn’t) this is your lucky weekend. The Sidney Daily News has an article on some of the champion Buckeyes being at a mall in Piqua. Look you can get out of the snow get in to a warm area and meet some of the awesome players and by awesome they wore the Buckeye colors and won a national championship so they are double awesome.

Until next time Buckeye Nation…


  1. Nice round-up, Shannon. Good to see you back on the case. Loved that story about the players-only practice and the no “scarlet and gray colors”. Makes me love Craft even more.

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