Buckeyes Invited to the NFL combine

It is that annual time of the year when players go to Indianapolis to be prodded and pinched and tested for everything you can think of while wearing Spanx on national TV.

Like most years the list of Buckeye players is pretty large and the list of snubs is a little surprising. Before we get to the list to be invited to the NFL combine at least one NFL team has to turn in papers on you that they are interested and may possibly draft you. To not be invited means you have a tough battle to getting drafted and will have to prove yourself at the Ohio State Pro Day. This years combine takes place Feb 22-25th.

Invited Buckeyes

Ryan Shazier- LB
Jack Mewhort- OL
Corey Linsley- OL
Philly Brown- WR
Carlos Hyde- RB
Bradley Roby- CB

I imagine all of these players will be drafted with Roby, Shazier, Hyde, and Mewhort all going in the coveted top 3 rounds of the draft.

Snubbed Buckeyes

CJ Barnett- Safety
Christian Bryant- Safety
Kenny Guiton- QB
Marcus Hall- OL
Andrew Norwell- OL

These guys will have the OSU Pro Day to change teams minds about them. Here is wishing all of them luck and that the phone rings on Draft Day or at the very least get an Undrafted Rookie Contract.

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