Ohio State Finishes Off Wisconsin, 59-58

OSU LogoDesperate times call for desperate measures. Desperation like Aaron Craft shooting a three after playing almost 30 minutes without a field goal.

Desperation like playing extended minutes for Trey McDonald.

And yet, there was no desperation. This was the most complete game Ohio State has played all year.

The first half between the Badgers and Buckeyes was a fairly tightly contested battle with both teams playing fairly well although outside shots were not dropping for the team.

Fan favorite Sideshow Bob Jr. had a good first half, hitting threes (and missing them) keeping Ohio State close during a back-and-forth battle. He may have gotten a little greedy with a heat check that didn’t draw iron, but you have to love the heart and confidence.

The Buckeyes came out red-hot in the second half, starting off 6-6 and actually clawed to a lead about five minutes in. Then, looking to push the lead, Shannon Scott’s drive was swallowed up and Wisconsin went on a run. Freshman Nigel Hayes caught fire and Ohio State couldn’t match up with him on defense. Wisconsin extended their lead to seven, and things looked like they were slipping away.

Aaron Craft would impose his will on this game, hitting a three pointer after barely being involved with the offense to that point and his defense became even more suffocating than it had before.

The game was almost taken away as the officiating, which was uneven in the first half become very lopsided the second, favoring Wisconsin. The touch foul on Shannon Scott, where he literally JUST TOUCHED Trey Jackson could have been the difference.

In the end, it was Craft on Jackson, and we know how that ends. (Poorly for whoever Craft is guarding).

This game is a huge collective sigh of relief for the Buckeye faithful. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a huge improvement over the past six game. Everyone played hard (even Amir, who was involved in a lot of clutch plays, including free throws) and confidence is starting to bloom again. Bench players played a large part in the first half with Trey McDonald and Amadeo Della Valle playing well and Marc Loving getting involved in the second.

The Buckeyes don’t have much time to breathe, but they should enjoy this victory. A win against Bo Ryan in Madison is not easy to come by.


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