My Five Most Hated Buckeye Players of All Time

So everyone loves a good top 5 list of things they love but those things are popping up on everywhere on a daily basis. I like to think of myself as a pretty easy-going and positive guy but I also have a lot of pent up anger because of it. So I thought why not start a series of the Worst Five instead of the Best so I could get some things off my chest. This post will be the first in a series of Worst Things and why not start with the Buckeye players who drove me insane the most and I wished they would have went to Michigan instead.

5.) Roy Hall (WR, 2002-2006)


Look, I will readily admit since leaving OSU, Roy has proven to be the kind of guy you would want your kids to have as a role model. His muscles alone are usually the kind of thing that would make him a MotSaG favorite. There is just one problem — he hurt one of my favorite players ever when he tackled Ted Ginn Jr. and took him out of the NCG in 2007. That celebration devastation may not have cost OSU the game but it did put him squarely on this list.

4.) Ryan Hamby (TE, 2001-2006)

He will forever be known to us here at MotSag as Ryan “Fricking” Hamby!!!

3.) Stanley Jackson (QB, 1994-1997)

I will admit it openly: Joe Germaine is my favorite OSU QB ever. I am forever going to blame Stanley Jackson for not going to Coach Cooper and saying, “Coach, bench me. Joe is a much better QB than me.” Stanley Jackson is a good person, no doubt, but he was an awful QB and took time away from the greatest QB to ever don the Scarlet and Gray (IMO).

2.) Amir Williams (Center MBB, 2011-current)

Look — three weeks ago Amir wouldn’t be anywhere near this list. He has quickly become the focus of my rage towards the basketball team right now. I am tired of seeing his non-effort and his lack of care and his inability to even block out properly on foul shot attempts. My 9 year old daughter is tougher than him and has more skills. He has time to redeem himself and get off this list but he better do something quickly to salvage his name in my mind.

1.) Maurice Wells (RB, 2005-2008)

So I assume you are wondering why in the world is Maurice Wells is on top of the list for my most hated players ever at OSU? It starts with his size. He is like 5’6″ and 150 pounds and he would fall down if the wind was too strong. His hair drove me insane. I have no problem with dreadlocks in general but his were annoying and seemed to make him top heavy and like he couldn’t hold his head up. It seemed to always have him running with his head parallel with the ground. He just wasn’t the kind of running back that would do well in Tresselball and he proved it over and over when he got the chance to play. He was awful.

In Conclusion:

These guys are the ones I hate the most. Not the worst players ever (maybe they are); that list will come out soon. They also aren’t the dirtiest or the most scandalous players of all time (those lists will be out soon as well). Just the ones I hate.

Tell me who you hate and haven’t found a way to forgive them for seemingly innocuous reasons and let me know in the comments. Hope you enjoy this post and look forward to the next one in this series.


  1. Lydell Ross should be on everyone’s top 5

  2. How is Ly-Down Ross not on this list? Him and Bauserman are probably tied for number 1 on my list. Amir is quickly climbing the ladder though.

  3. My most hated are number 5 Roy hall plz just go away stop doing interviews stop reminding us why trees was seen as to easy on his kids
    Num 4 Justin zawic sp? Justin the savior of osu football I don’t think t.p.had this much hype and he got chance after game losing chance to suck it up
    Num 3 boban slovavic sp? He takes every hand out every short cut in the calls d room ruins our bb team then leaves early to the nba draft the only God thing was clearing out Jim o Brian so we could get Thad Mata
    Num 2 Duran Carter Chris Carter kid the legend killer no one recruit had ever had a better legacy or easier route to osu football glory than this guy and do you even remember him stepping on the field
    Num 1 Steve bellasorry sp! I also am partial to the branco riding though guy Germaine but this guy old bellaSORRY was int throwing machine with d Stanley Jackson’s decision making t.p. accuracy and zwick’s unearned faith by the coaching staff I will never ever understand the need to pay this tun super spy

  4. haha…my first thought when I read the title Ryan “Fricking” Hamby. Glad he made the list!

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