Final 247sports Recruiting rankings for OSU commits

Today we got the final 247sports top 247 rankings and some moved way up and some moved down. This is not the composite rankings which gives you a ranking based on all 4 major recruiting sites. This is their own rankings they use to add to the composite rankings. Here are how OSU recruits fared.


Dante Booker- 5 star, 13th overall, Stayed the same

Raekwon McMillan- 5 star, 28th overall, stayed the same

Damon Webb- 4 star, 43rd overall, moved up 28 spots

Marshon Lattimore- 4 star, 44th overall, moved down 10 spots

Curtis Samuel- 4 star, 27th overall, moved down 17 spots

Jalyn Holmes- 4 star, 51st overall, moved up 41 spots

Erick Smith- 4 star, 61st overall, moved up 226 spots

Johnnie Dixon- 4 star, 62nd overall, moved down 7 spots

Jamarco Jones- 4 star, 75th overall, moved down 11 spots

Sam Hubbard- 4 star, 123rd overall, moved up 100 spots

Parris Cambell Jr- 4 star, 128th overall, moved down 11 spots

Kyle Berger- 4 star, 133rd overall, moved down 10 spots

Demetrius Knox- 4 star, 159th overall, moved down 11 spots

Terry Mclaurin- 4 star, 187th overall, stayed the same

Noah Brown- 4 star, 206th overall, down 7 spots

Marcelys Jones- 4 star, 214th overall, down 73 spots

Kyle Trout- 4 star, 245th overall, down 4 spots

That is 17 of 21 commits in the final Top247 for the 2014 class. Other commits not in the top247 include…

Malik Hooker- 4 star

Dylan Thompson- 3 star

Stephen Collier- 3 Star

Sean Nuernberger- 2 star


Malik McDowell- 4 star, 38th overall, up 4 spots

Damian Prince- 4 star, 40th overall, down 8 spots

Solomon Thomas- 4 star, 41st overall, down 6 spots

Derrick Nnadi- 4 star, 79th overall, up 56 spots


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