Buckeyes Fall to Iowa, 84-74

OSU LogoThis one was hard to watch. It seemed like Ohio State was not in this one. The Buckeyes came out very weak in the first half. They had a little jump start in the second half but Iowa would not go away. The entire game Iowa was right with Ohio State. There was no cushion for the Buckeyes. This was not expected either. This a their second loss and row and I think it is really time to start finding that key guy down for line for Ohio State. In the Big Ten conference, it is hard to come back down 10 points every game. Especially with our not so great offense.

Iowa was led by Roy Devyn Marble with 22 points. He tore the Bucks apart. He was followed by Aaron White with 19 points. Iowa was killing Ohio State in the paint. At some point in the first half, Iowa had 18 points in the paint. Their total points was only 21. There were no key adjustments made. Iowa just came out and played better. Its hard to say but they showed up when it really mattered.

Laquinton Ross led with 22 points. The next highest was Amir Williams with 11. The Buckeyes showed how much they miss Deshaun Thomas. He was the one to go to in these type of games. Right now, the Buckeyes have to key player that can help close out a game. I think it is Ross but we have not seen it yet. If the Buckeyes want to win games in the Big Ten they have to play two good halves. They cant take one off and expect to win. I believe there will be adjustments made and everything will work out fine.

Losing two games in a row is tough. Especially one game in overtime away and a home game. This is just a little bump for the Bucks which they will bounce back from. Fans should not be worried. This is a great conference to compete in. We just need to get that win to keep rolling.

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