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5star_recruit_iconosuHelmetUrban Meyer has an Offensive System that much we all know. Every now and again there comes a high school recruit who fits it perfectly. The 2015 class has a couple of QBs who fit the mold of what Coach Meyer wants and one of them stands out above the rest. Torrance Gibson is a 6’4″ 200 lbs 5 star QB from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Torrance is a Dual Threat QB who runs a spread offense in HS very similar to what Coach Meyer runs at Ohio State. If you watch his film (see below) you can almost see the similarities to Braxton Miller. He is a great runner and a better passer at this point in his career than most DT QBs. If he ends up at OSU you can be sure they system wont change and the offense will prosper.

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247sports ranks him a 5 star and the 16th best recruit in the country.
Rivals ranks him a 4 star and the 36th best recruit in the country.
Scout ranks him a 4 star and the 3rd best QB in the country.
ESPN ranks him a 4 star and the 11th best recruit in the country.

SYR- If you could please tell us about your home life… Parents, brothers and/or sisters, where you were born, Have you always lived in in the same place?

Torrance- My home is good it’s just me & my mom. I have brothers but they don’t live with me. I didn’t always live here.

SYR- Can you give us your current stats such as height, weight, 40 yard time, bench press, etc?

Torrance- I am 6″4 I weigh 200lbs. My 40 time is a 4.37 & I branch press 235

SYR- Tell us a little bit about your HS FB team such as record and offensive style?

Torrance- My team football record was 14-1 & we ran the spread offense.

SYR- What are your goals for your Senior season?

Torrance- My goals are to win states again, & to throw for 2500 yards & rush for 1,000.

SYR- What college football team did you grow up being a fan of and why?

Torrance- I grew up watching everyone. I never had a favorite college football team, I just love watching football.

SYR- You have offers from all over the country which one was the most exciting for you to get and why?

Torrance- Every offer is exciting because I never thought I would have this many offers before.

SYR- Who would you say is your personal hero and why?

Torrance- My mom because she does so much for me & she is a single parent.

SYR- If you were going to die tomorrow what would your final meal be?

Torrance- Wings & nachos

SYR- Who do you think you compare to most in the NFL or College right now?

Torrance- Well most people say I have speed like Michael Vick & RG3 & I have the build size like Cam Newton.

SYR- Who is your favorite College player of all time? And favorite NFL player of all time if different from College?

Torrance- My favorite college player would be Cam Newton & my favorite NFL player is Michael Vick.

SYR- Do you have a top 5 or 10 schools if yes who?

Torrance- I don’t have a top school I just have a list.

SYR- Do you currently have a leader or leaders yet?

Torrance- No everyone is the same right now.

SYR- Do you know when you would like to announce your commitment, if yes, when?

Torrance- After my final season of high school.

SYR- Have you visited Ohio State yet, if yes how did it go? and do you have any plans to visit them in the future? If yes, When?

Torrance- No I haven’t visit ohio state yet. But I’m planning a trip up there this summer.

SYR- What is your impression of Ohio State and Urban Meyer?

Torrance- Well Ohio state is a great program no doubt about that. But what Urban Meyer did with Ohio state is incredible. There is no doubt in my mind he will he will be in the coaches Hall of fame.

SYR- Do you hear from Ohio State often?

Torrance- Yeah I talk to the coaches every other day & we just talk about football, school, & my family.

SYR- Who is your lead recruiter for the Buckeyes?

Torrance- Mark Pantoni & Tom Herman

SYR- Has Raekwon McMillan or any other Buckeye recruits been in your ear about joining them at OSU?

Torrance- Yeah I wrote Raekwon on Twitter the other day & congratulated him on his commit.

SYR- What would you like Buckeye Nation to know about you that they most likely don’t already know?

Torrance- I want them to know that I am a humble football player/ student athlete & I’m willing to do anything to make myself great & the people around me better & that I love my girlfriend lol (:

You can follow Torrance by clicking @quick_tg6.

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