Vrabel is leaving and Braxton is staying

Well you can chalk today up as good news and bad news….

Mike Vrabel just confirmed that he is leaving OSU to take a position with the Houston Texans in the NFL. What a wonderful opportunity for our beloved Buckeye. Although it will hurt recruiting and our Buckeye hearts it does help him and his family so much.

Braxton Miller as we repoted last weekend has confirmed that he will be back at OSU for his SR season and that is great news for OSU fans. He is needed so much to help the young QBs learn the system and give them another year in the system to learn it and prepare to take over for him when he graduates next year.

We will have more on both these stories as they progress.


  1. On Vrabel:

    Good for him. He will get a nice raise and get a shot to move up in the ranks of the NFL. He is a hell of a recruiter so it’ll be interesting to see what will happen moving forward. Honestly…at this point I’m all for moving away from the current defensive coaches. The defense is in shambles right now.

    On Braxton:

    This is expected but huge news. Him coming back will mean that OSU will remain a contender next year and keep fans excited about 2014 and the offense which should continue to hum.

    • This covers how I feel, too. Vrabel will be missed, but he has a lot of success at the NFL level that this is definitely a promotion he wants. Plus it’s telling that BOB respects him as a player and coach, working together in New England.

      To me, Miller had that “look in his eye” at the end of the Orange Bowl game. He isn’t finished.

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