Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good morning Buckeye Nation. Back by popular demand and an easy schedule I am here to help you get all caught up on Buckeye news.

So Close: Last night the Men’s basketball team fell to Michigan State in OT. Our Tony Rice did a nice recap last night after the game. The game seemed like it was going to get out of hand but the Buckeyes refused to give up. I for one am going to miss the kid with the scarlet cheeks and what he brings to this team.

It was nice to see positive things being said about the team following the loss not like after the B1G Championship game against the same team that had the same result. Heres a great tweet from a female fans view that has the scarlet and gray running through her veins:

New Rivalry: I have to say and I am sure others feel the same way about the new rivalry that has been born between Columbus and East Lansing. Don Mekka lets us know how we are pretty much feeling this morning:

Controversy brewing: Not sure how many folks caught this last night but is this acceptable or did Izzo cross the line. let me know your thoughts.

Another Tool: Yup it never fails when the Buckeyes lose in football tools come out of the woodwork to get their web hits up and show their hater nation colors. Shaun Heidrick decides it the right time to drive up traffic for Yahoo and blast Urban Meyer for losing two games in a row. It says that Shaun has followed the Buckeyes for 25 years while I am sure this is true to come out and say that Urban is falling Ohio State is an overstatement. While everyone is entitled to their opinion please come out with something that isn’t so over dramatic. The Buckeyes lost 2 games in a row after winning 24 that’s big I don’t care if they didn’t play anyone or what they won those games. Michigan State and Clemson exposed the weaknesses of the Buckeyes defense and that’s what great teams do. As a fan yes it hurt to see my favorite team lose but I’m not burning everything down with hate.

Growing up: Eleven Warriors brings us the tweets from WR Michael Thomas being a child. The only reason I say this is I feel as if he kind of threw his teammates under the bus. What do you think?

Until next time Buckeye Nation…

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  1. I think Thomas was just letting off some steam. I’m sure he’ll be fine. I’m glad to see someone with a little fire in his belly and some passion. If he can channel that to the good, I’m all for it.

    Izzo has passion, too. I wouldn’t hold that little jersey grab against him.

    Glad to have you back on the 3Y beat, Shannon!

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