Eric Glover-Williams offer may be pulled (Per Report)

So the 2015 class got underway a few months ago and top Ohio athlete Eric Glover-Williams was the first 2015 kid to commit to OSU. Now there is a report from Todd Porter saying the offer may be pulled by OSU for “off the field issues”…

Glover-Williams was offered — and verbally accepted — a football scholarship to Ohio State. However, that may be in danger of being pulled. A source with knowledge of Ohio State’s recruiting efforts said the team is looking into “off-the-field issues” and investigating Glover-Williams. The source would not comment on whether the offer has been pulled.

Ohio State is not allowed to comment on recruits until they have signed a letter of intent, which can’t happen until February of Glover-Williams’ senior season with the Bulldogs.

McKinley head football coach Todd Filtz has heard there could be problems, but he hasn’t received any concrete information. Filtz has been out of town since Dec. 12 when his wife delivered the couple’s first child, a daughter.

“I haven’t been in town,” Filtz said. “I have received text messages and I hear things as well, but I don’t know what’s official and what’s not. I haven’t been in town to really know, so I’m not going to comment.”

Also from the article was this from OSU head coach Urban Meyer..

While Meyer is not permitted to talk about recruits, The Repository asked him how important it is to the university to monitor young players’ development and behavior off the field.

“When I first started 20 years ago, you didn’t know much,” Meyer said. “You know everything now. I have people where it’s their full-time jobs … that’s what they do. They monitor Facebook and Twitter and tweets and all that stuff. We have to find out — I want to know because we’re held responsible for all those guys.

“This is an era, a generation that … 18, 19, 20-year-olds, we know everything that’s going on every day because of what goes on these cellphones. Think about that for a minute, 18, 19,20-year-olds. So it’s a big part of what we do. Huge.”

Meyer knew the question was coming from a reporter in Canton. He had a slight smirk on his face when it was being asked.

You can read the entire article by going here…

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