Orange Bowl Open Thread

I know that the majority of discussion of Ohio State football games occurs mostly on Twitter these days, but here’s an open thread if your Twitter timeline gets toxic or you just want to have a chat with the old fogeys, you’ve come to the right place.

Clemson is not going to go away quietly but I have a good feeling that the new guys on defense are going to step up, especially Jamal Marcus.

Go Bucks!


Update: after a crazy first quarter that saw almost 300 yards of offense, Clemson leads the Buckeyes, 14-9.

Update: A crazy second quarter caused some serious angst from the Ohio State faithful as Clemson seemed to move the ball at will and could have been up big, but an interception in the redzone by Vonn Bell and finally some offensive variety and the Buckeyes went in to the locker room at the half up 22-20

Update: Ohio looked in total control after scoring to go up 29-20 with ALL the momentum, and then Philly Brown muffed a Clemson punt and Clemson scores 14 unanswered points. Clemson on top of OSU at the end of 3, 34-29.


  1. Christopher Jones says

    I sooo am sick to my stomach watching The Ohio State defense continuously make poor tackles and a just slow and untalented secondary get rolled over play after play. If Urban Myer was a smart man he would fire his staff of all coaches starting with Luke Fikell and go get some SEC coaches. He sucked as a Head Coach and sucks even more as a defensive coordinator. The Ohio State University has one of the richest histories for football, but we continue to get passed over time and time again by the top recruits, because none of the coaches or recruiters can get them to play for Ohio State. There is something truly wrong and Urban Myer needs to take a long look at his program before it’s too late.

    Over the past 3 games I have seen some the worst offensive play calling in my life. If the defense is loading the box you don’t run the damn ball! You run screens and draws and then take your shots down the field. Last, Braxton Miller is not a quarterback! He is a running back/tight end. Kenny G. may not have the running ability, but he makes very smart plays in the pocket and is always on target when throwing the ball to the receivers.

    To all the players that are thinking about going into the NFL draft. Especially Roby! Stay in school and get your degree because you really suck as a player. I bleed scarlet and gray until the day that I die, but I am truly disgusted by our Football program. Well, maybe Craft can lead our basketball team to the final four.

    With two new teams coming into the Big Ten next year I hate to see were our program will be at the end of the season. I’m willing to bet no where near playing or in contention for a National Championship. I will bet we will not even make a BCS bowl game next year!

    • I feel you, Christopher. The first 14 minutes of this game, Ohio State looked lost, overmatched and on the way to a loss. Now, with 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, they’re up by 9 and looking much more comfortable.

      Appreciate you stopping by and I hope you didn’t turn the TV off. Still plenty of game left!

      • Christopher Jones says

        Exactly what I just talked about extremely poor play calling by Urban Meyer, poor play from Braxton Miller, and sorry play by the defense= another loss. We could not afford another loss. Our recruiting is shot for the 2014 season. I’m so ticked off right now!!!!

        Why in the world would you not pull Braxton Miller when he has been hurt for the last 3 quarters?!?! What kind of sense does that freaking make?!?! Why in the world would not call time out at 3 minutes so you don’t feel pressured?!?!

  2. I agree with you Christopher on most points. Meyer doesn’t need to stop at firing his defensive staff, he needs to fire his offensive coordinator as well. There is no imagination at all on the offensive side of the ball. I disagree with you about Roby. He needs to go away and free up a scholarship. I never want to see him in a OSU jersey again. As far as Miller goes, he is not a pocket passer nor has he gotten that much better over the past two seasons. I hope he isn’t listening to all the hype he gets.

    • Christopher Jones says

      Of course he is listening to all the hype. I hope he ends up in Oakland as a back up for Terrell Pryor. He had 5 batted balls and 4 INTS and you keep this sorry joker in the game. Really! Really! I feel sorry Kenny G. because will never know how great of a player he truly could have been.

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