Noah Spence suspended 3 games ***UPDATED***

Obviously not great news about Spence but to have a resolution allows the team to move on and get whomever will start in his place ready to play. That player is most likely Jamal Marcus a Sophomore from North Carolina.

We will have more once info is released by OSU or the B1G.


I am hearing from a reliable source that the cause of the suspension is due to a performance enhancing drug that he may have ingested from an over the counter drug or supplement as this web site reports. The family has argued it was not on purpose and was taken on accident.

This has been confirmed to me by multiple sources now. You can never rule out they may be wrong but multiple sources within the OSU community have confirmed the story I have been told.


Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch is confirming what I have been saying…

Ohio State sophomore defensive end Noah Spence has been suspended three games – including Friday’s Orange Bowl — because of what the Big Ten ruled was the use of an unapproved dietary supplement, a high-level source at Ohio State told The Dispatch today.


  1. Good work on this one, Jeremiah. It’s unfortunate it was for an OTC dietary supplement but in the grand scheme of things, I guess this isn’t the worst thing that it could be.

  2. I don’t understand how all these other teams have players arrested or under investigation but still nothing happens. OSU IS A TARGET….why???
    That said we need a new defensive coordinator!!! WTH is Meyer thinking keeping Fickle!! He sucks! 3-4 guys up on line never blitz, 10 yds off every receiver all the damn time!!! EVERY team knows to pass on us for sure yardage. COME ON URBAN GET A NEW COORDINATOR!!!!! Go get the coordinator from MI State!
    Why doesn’t Urban do any trick plays either since coming to OSU? He coaches like sweater vest Tressel !

    • Thanks for stopping by Linda and reading our blog…

      I am puzzled how this post about Spence being suspended turned into a rant against Fickell though lol… To each his own as always.

  3. sportsMonkey says

    SYR, I think Linda meant that this might be another ‘ding’ against the defensive coaches, which is a point worth noting. We don’t know the details yet, but there is a frustrating problem that seems to be aggregating; from the underachieving to the conference punishment, and everything in between.

    Of course, if the defense performs well on Friday, we all know that all is forgiven and that Fickell is a genius. 🙂

  4. sportsMonkey says

    Don’t know about assigning “fault;” I don’t think anyone’s making that claim. But it is perfectly appropriate to hold coaches accountable for the conduct of their players they are accountable for. Otherwise, John Cooper would still be coaching OSU. 😉

    • I live in a world where personal responsibility exists. No? It is a huge stretch to tie Luke Fickell to this… Why not Mike Vrable he is his position coach? Why not Mickey Marotti the S&C coach? Why Not Urban Meyer the Head Coach?

      My point is Fickell is a lightening rod and a scapegoat for all of the issues the defense has. Tying him to this just furthers my opinion of that.

  5. sportsMonkey says

    I think that the buck stops at Herman for the offense, and Withers and Fickell for the defense. And obviously Meyer for both (and Gene Smith for the HC).
    Withers was clearly handed his hat a few weeks ago. Whether he was encouraged to move on, or got out before the getting was good, he and Fickell deserve the increased scrutiny. Now that Withers is gone, and Meyer and Fickell are running the defense, we’ll see if things improve.

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