Fear Not Buckeye Fans: Make Some Money Back [Guest Post]

(This is a guest post from Korey M. from Roomer Travel. This post will be of interest to those of you who may have booked a trip to Pasadena early (oops!))


As we all know, our Buckeyes are not heading to Pasadena… Instead, Auburn and Florida State will be there. For us Buckeye fans, we are now working on our travel plans in reaching Miami (where we will have redemption when defeating Clemson).

I don’t know about everyone else, but I had quite a few friends who went about booking hotel rooms for the National Championship this year, assuming it would be our Buckeyes competing. Well, as said earlier, plans changed. We WILL be in a bowl game, the Orange Bowl. But what to do about those rooms we booked in Pasadena? Most of the reservations were non-refundable, leaving us stuck with a hotel room that we can’t use.

Luckily for us die-hard Buckeye fans (and maybe other fans as well) there is a website that exists to help with such situations. Roomer Travel allows people to post their hotel reservations when they are not able to use them, then others who are looking to travel can buy those rooms!

Although the optimal outcome would have been to use our reservations in seeing the Buckeyes beat up Jameis Winston and taking home the National Championship, this is a close second. Now we are given an opportunity to sell our Pasadena rooms to Seminole and Tiger fans. Then we can use that money to book new rooms in Miami for the Orange Bowl. Here’s to hoping we can all make it to Miami!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! GO BUCKS!



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