Minnich’s 2013 Airing Of Grievances

Before I get too far into the primary theme of this post, congratulations to Florida State, Auburn, Michigan State, Stanford, Baylor, Rice, UCF, Fresno State, and Bowling Green on winning their respective conference championship games. Congratulations to each of these teams for achieving conference champion status.

Anyone who knows or is familiar with my passion for college football is also accustomed to my passionate belief that college football needs a playoff system. Yes, I know – a four team playoff is starting for the 2014 season. Yes, I believe it will be an improvement over the present BCS system.

I refer to this time of year as my “Airing Of Grievances”, as my all-time favorite Seinfeld episode is “The Strike”, which features the themes of Festivus. Among the concepts of Festivus are The Airing Of Grievances, as well as The Feats Of Strength.

Yes, college football will have a four team playoff, and I will concede it will be an improvement. But…college football needs, and deserves, more.

A 16 team playoff is the answer. Why 16 teams, you ask?

Every conference champion (see up above) should be represented. From the mighty SEC champion, to the lowly Sun Belt champion (congratulations to Louisiana-Lafayette, by the way; Louisiana-Lafayette did not win the Sun Belt via a conference championship game, which is why I did not list them up above.).

College football fans are told repeatedly how every game matters, yet a four team playoff will exclude teams that are not considered “power conferences”. Why not give a MAC champion or Conference USA champion a shot at the title?

And how would I get to sixteen teams, when there are only ten conferences? Six at-large berths, based upon computer rankings. Below, all rankings based upon computer rankings from ESPN and Jeff Sagarin.

Here is how this could work ~

· American Athletic Conference (UCF) Seeded 12th

· Atlantic Coast Conference (Florida State) Seeded 1st

· Big 12 (Baylor) Seeded 9th

· B1G (Michigan State) Seeded 5th

· Conference USA (Rice) Seeded 15th

· MAC (Bowling Green) Seeded 14th

· Mountain West (Fresno State) Seeded 13th

· Pac 12 (Stanford) Seeded 4th

· SEC (Auburn) Seeded 2nd

· Sun Belt (Louisiana-Lafayette) Seeded 16th

· At-Large # 1 (Alabama) Seeded 3rd

· At-Large # 2 (Ohio State) Seeded 6th

· At-Large # 3 (Missouri) Seeded 7th

· At-Large # 4 (South Carolina) Seeded 8th

· At-Large # 5 (Oregon) Seeded 10th

· At-Large # 6 (Oklahoma) Seeded 12th

All games played at home team stadiums, with the higher seeded team being the host. (For those of you wondering why I would rank Alabama over Stanford, it is due to Alabama having only lost one game, while Stanford lost two.)

Can you imagine how insane your December weekends would be if there truly was a playoff system like below? Every conference champion gets a shot at the title. And every deserving at-large team is rewarded for playing well throughout the season too.


Somewhat surprisingly to me, Dan Wetzel, author of “Death To The BCS”, has switched from his previous position of including all conference champions, whittling down to an eight team playoff proposal. Below is a brief Twitter exchange on the ideas of an eight or sixteen playoff system…

Until the day arrives where every conference champion is given a chance to win the national championship, I will be skeptical of any college football playoff system, with this serving as my Airing Of Grievances. And until we have a system like mine, you can count on me to be ready for The Feats Of Strength…


  1. Totally with you on 16 teams, but not necessarily crazy about filling at-large spots with computer rankings systems.

  2. I look at it this way ~ being an Ohio native, the high school playoff pairings and seedings are all done via computer. Using a computer, based purely on strength of schedule, would help to reduce the bias of personal voting. Again, that is my rationale for how I would design the system; I am not suggesting that I am 100% correct.

    Thanks for the comment. Sorry for taking long to reply.

  3. What’s your justification for 6 at-large bids? To me, that’s way too many. Instead, allow only 4 at-large bids and give the top two seeds a first round bye.

    • Every conf champion gets a bid. As long as every conf winner gets an automatic berth, I am OK with adjustment/critique of how many at-large berths should be involved.

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