B1G Championship Open Thread

Kick-off is less than thirty minutes away. Use this open thread to comment on the game, plays that were amazing, and if you want, how putrid that SEC championship game has been. BARF.

Kick-off is 8:17 PM EST on FOX. Gus Johnson MAGIC!

Update:End of the First Quarter, MSU 3 OSU 0

Not a pretty quarter for Ohio State. Poor decisions on 3rd down kept Michigan State’s field goal drive alive. Offense looks a little out of synch.

Update:End of the First half, MSU 17 OSU 10

For as poorly Ohio State played on both sides of the ball, this score is more than manageable. The defense has been great against the run but they can’t get off the field. MSU has played great but they still can’t stop Braxton. He’s going to be the deciding factor in the second half.

Update: End of third quarter, OSU 24 MSU 20

Ohio State came roaring out at the start of the third quarter and is playing much more coherently on both sides of the ball. 24 unanswered points before MSU kicked a field goal.

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