MotSaG Top 25- Week 14

1.) Ohio State
2.) Florida State
3.) Auburn
4.) Michigan State
5.) Alabama
6.) Missouri
7.) Oklahoma State
8.) Baylor
9.) Arizona State
10.) South Carolina
11.) Stanford
12.) Northern Illinois
13.) Central Florida
14.) Oregon
15.) Clemson
16.) Duke
17.) Oklahoma
18.) UCLA
19.) LSU
20.) Wisconsin
21.) Louisville
22.) Cincinnati
23.) Texas
24.) Fresno State
25.) Miami Fl

– Yes I am a homer and no I don’t care. Ohio State has done everything it can to go 12-0 this year and 24-0 over the last 2 years. Florida State has a serious issue not knowing what is going to happen with Jameis Winston. Auburn and Missouri and Alabama are all fighting for the right to be called SECs best team. Michigan State is the last thing standing in the Buckeyes way to getting to the BCS NCG. With a win on Saturday they will play for the title and get the shot they always wanted to so they can prove the naysayers wrong.

– After the top 6 teams nothing else really matters everyone else is waiting to see how things pan out this weekend to see what all the bowl match-ups are going to be. It will be a crazy weekend that is for sure so get some rest and enjoy the games.

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