MotSaG Top 25- Week 12

1.) Ohio State
2.) Florida State
3.) Alabama
4.) Baylor
5.) Michigan State
6.) Auburn
7.) Oregon
8.) Clemson
9.) Oklahoma State
10.) Missouri
11.) Wisconsin
12.) Stanford
13.) Texas A&M
14.) Louisville
15.) Northern Illinois
16.) Fresno State
17.) UCF
18.) Minnesota
19.) UCLA
20.) Arizona State
21.) South Carolina
22.) Duke
23.) Oklahoma
24.) LSU
25.) USC

– I took a new approach to this weeks top 25 poll. I ranked the teams based on how they would be ranked if this was 1997 and not 2013. Bare with me you see with today’s atmosphere in CFB voting there is a perceived notion that voters can determine who the best teams are based solely on how their conference is perceived. There was a time and place when voters weren’t biased and didn’t openly share their biasness in an open forum at the minimum. In todays day and age the voters could care less about wins and losses. They care about spreading their agenda and forcing their views onto the rankings and convincing anyone who will listen that they are the end all and be all of great wisdom about CFB.

– It wasn’t that long ago that a teams performance was the judge for how they were ranked. Would Bama be considered the top team in the country beating a 4-6 (1-5) Miss State 20-7? Would Florida State jump OSU based on beating Clemson? Or how about the 2nd best team they beat this year was Bethune-Cookman?

– All you hear right now is Strength Of Schedule… Yes OSUs schedule is bad this year. Some of that has to do with OSU beating everyone they faced. What you don’t hear is Baylor’s is worse or FSUs and Bamas are barely better. Yes the great SEC is not giving Bama the bump in their SOS to even get their rating in the top 40 teams in the country.

– We live in a bizarre world where I feel the need to defend a team that has won 22 games in a row and scored 60 points and won by 25 on the road against a rival team. Truly Bizarre!!!

– So I went back to the last time I remember the BCS formula being non-existent and voters bias not being a badge of honor for them.

– In my opinion until the NCAA goes to a true playoff of 16 or more teams we will never be able to take the “human” aspect out of the decision making process and even then it may not work. What says you? How would you rank the teams this week?

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