Debate on College Athletes Being Paid

A huge issue whirling around NCAA athletics is whether college athletes should get paid or not. Many argue that the pay they receive is a free education. I believe with the money colleges and broadcasting networks make, college athletes should be getting paid. It seems unfair how these colleges and networks make money off college athletes and don’t pay them a dime. College athletics are producing revenues that they have never received, it is time to start paying the people that earn them their revenue.

The problem is that many athletes do not have any “side” money. A lot of the athletes would not be attending the school they attend if it was not for their scholarship. Playing as a Division One athlete is basically a full time job. Between practice, games, working out, film and anything else a college athlete does on top of studying, there is no time for an athlete to get a part time job. So, what happens if an athlete wants to go out and grab pizza with a friend? He won’t, because he does not have any money to spend due to his time spend on athletics. I am not saying athletes should be getting paid hundreds of dollars each week. Just enough to have some “side” money and to spend on enjoyment.

To solve this issue, the NCAA should provide colleges money to pay their athletes. In 2011-2012 the NCAA had revenue of 871.6 million dollars (Terbush). College athletes’ revenue was a big 0. The NCAA can definitely afford to pay out a couple bucks to each college to pay athletes. Student- athletes should see a piece of the huge pile of money that the NCAA generates off of them.

Also, I believe that every athlete should get paid the same amount. Star running back or bench warmer, each athlete should receive the same pay. If a certain athlete received more money than another athlete than it would become a problem. Athletes would all demand more money especially if one of their teammates are making more than them. There would be no point of the NCAA if this happens, the NCAA would seem as if it was a “pre” NFL for the players. To sum my point up, every college receives equal pay to pay every single athlete equal salaries.

In conclusion, I believe that the NCAA is ripping off these student athletes. There is no reason why the NCAA shouldn’t put out a small amount of their large fortune. Due to the 700,000 dollar ad rate for thirty seconds commercial time during March Madness, the NCAA as a whole would make 6 billion annually. I am not saying hire and employ these athletes. Just justify them with a small salary from all the money they generate.

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